We Are Still Alive!

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a long time… way too long in fact, since we have updated the front page. I know a lot of you probably assumed the game had stalled in development and was dead and gone. Fear not, we still plan on making Valindir and are in process of doing so right now! Let me catch everyone up on what’s happened and where the game is heading.

Unfortunately, we’ll start with the bad news. Our wonderful Head Coder was snatched up by real life and offered an amazing (paying) job. The time and effort it takes to code from scratch like we intended is a full time job itself, and we only pay in smiles and compliments so all work done is volunteered time. The staff sat down and had a long conversation about what we could do to get Valindir up and running. We eventually came to the conclusion that we could still realize our vision of a game dedicated to the players with all the frills and blood we wanted using an existing code base and modifying it from there. Our previous coder has graciously offered to help out here and there as his schedule allows with trickier bits of code. So we have started to move forward using SmaugFUSS. We selected it because there are a lot of current support forums out there for it, with some of the more crippling bugs and issues already fixed. We can still do all the cool things like our custom skills and spells we’ve created, a robust crafting system, an expansive world filled to the brim with interesting people and things, as well as player-owned shops, homes and other awesome stuff. These types of things are and will always be the cornerstone of Valindir and we will find a way to make them work.

Currently, Evoru is tinkering away at the code to at least get the basic structure of races and their stats put into the coding, but this is a new frontier for her and learning how to manipulate the code will take some time. Aurix is currently studying computer science in college with aspirations of being able to help with the more difficult, complicated code we’ll need, but that is still a little while off. While we are not currently filling staff roles, if there are players out there with coding experience and knowledge we wouldn’t turn down the help. It would definitely go a long way on an application when we eventually start promoting people to leadership roles and staff-in-training to be sure. (If you’re interested, drop us a message on our Facebook page or post on our forums).

While the code may be a difficult beast to wrestle into submission, some of us are writers and builders, so drafting up maps of areas, room/item/mob descriptions and crafting ideas are still going on behind the scenes. We are also going to revisit the website files and make sure everything is up to standards and finish fleshing out a lot of the lore, including the history of the world, a bestiary with creatures you’re likely to find scampering about the lands and the rich cultures of all our races. We are also adding something called “Notable NPCs” to our Geography sections that will give you a little bio of somewhat famous people that may be living in a specific city or region. This may be something like a famous actor/actress, a head of government that not currently run by a player, or a well-known local with stories to tell and stuff to sell. This will all be considered In-Character information too, so you can easily integrate into a new city, or just learn something new about a remote area you haven’t visited yourself (at least not yet). The “Roster” section will be modified so players can come up with their own concepts for roles we will need filled once beta testing launches (eventually) or fulfill roles that players have given up playing. We are also going to get our rules, FAQs and other parts of the “Player Guide” in order as well. The plan is to have the website complete with information before testing begins so your first character can be knowledgeable about the world around them.

We truly appreciate your patience as we work through these hurdles and towards our goal of getting Valindir up and running. We could not do it without the great support we receive from players like you. We are going to be more diligent about keeping things updated and letting everyone know how progress is going. Thank you so much, from the bottom of all our hearts, for sticking with us.


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A Long Overdue Update

Hello everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since we updated the front page! We got busy behind the scenes with real life and Valindir work that we put the website a bit on the back burner. No longer! We are here with some minor updates!

Our coder is still working with our custom building OLC. This is a process that can take a bit, both because it’s built completely from scratch (both the code and the prompt system), but also because it’s something incredibly detailed and unlike anything on any other game (at least that I know of). Because we don’t use a codebase like Diku, RoM or Smaug but are having it completely done by hand it can take a bit more time. In the long run, it should make our game capable of doing a lot of cool new things you may never have seen before!

We still don’t have an estimated date for testing yet, but as soon as we do, we will sure to let everyone know! The biggest hurdle really has been time, as several of the staffers work 40 – 50 hours a week but we are all still working hard to hammer out our individual tasks. Isavra is being built, skills/spells are being hashed out, and code is being written! We will be sure to let everyone know when we are testing and when we open for beta!

We are still active on the forums and check it pretty regularly so we’d love to hear from everyone on there!

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Whacha up to?

Greetings from the land of Valindir! I wanted to post a nice little update to keep you apprised of what we are all up to!

Tylin, our coder, is working on all the glitches and issues we are experiencing, but I can tell you we do have a server and the game thus far has been up and running without crashing at everything! We have a baseline character creation in place as well as an account creation that is fully functional. Right now it’s a lot of tweaking and working with what a lot of people may consider “basic” commands like complex says, embedded emotes etc…, but since this is all from scratch it’s something that has to be hand-coded. Nevertheless, Tylin has been a brilliant addition to the team and we are all excited to see the progress that is being made

Belimedra (that’s me!) is still working on the building program scripts. The room scripts for building clocked in at over 130 pages, so it’s no small undertaking, I assure you. It’s all the room flags, affects, etc… and how a builder would set those up in each room. We strive for things to be complex without being complicated, so it’s more work initially to make things easier in the long run. This way craftable items, restrings, houses, pets, mobs, shops etc… will be able to be set up with relative ease for players so there shouldn’t be any long waits or delays. We can immediately build items for RP purposes within just a few minutes and have them up and ready to use.

Evoru and Ri are working on Isavra; the starting city for the game. I know a lot of people have asked “But what about Danzibar? I thought that was the starting location.” Isavra is the “newbie city” in the sense that every newly created player will pass through there when they enter the game. It’s where you’ll find the learning academy where you can take lessons in the basics of fighting, magic, and even non-combat things like healing or crafting. We decided this would be a better starting place both because of the ease of access to the skills and spells for testing and because it’s a much smaller area of less than 300 rooms. It will be easier to organize people to test certain things in that area, rather than Danzibar which is well over 1,000 rooms. It’s much easier to get lost there 🙂 Danzibar will likely open up when the initial phase of testing is complete. It’s still there so don’t worry that it’s been scrapped or anything!

Aurix is tinkering away with the meaty bits of the game: combat formulas and tweaks to our skills/spells list. He’s also figured out how armor and weapons will work in relation to how we build them (which is honestly the only part I even start to understand about them). The math is both daunting and impressive to look at. It should make things more balanced and complex without being overly cumbersome and hard to understand.

I would like to address the big question we hear a lot: When is Valindir open for testing? It is an excellent question and I’d like to answer it as best I can: we aren’t quite sure just yet. There are still some bugs that are crashing the game as well as a lot of little issues to work out before we feel it’s ready to have players come in to test. We promise you we will make a big announcement about alpha testing (you probably won’t be able to get us to shut up about it in fact).

What will happen for alpha is we will have applications to be a tester. For alpha testing there really won’t be any RP, but we’ll need our testers to work with the combat systems, items, weapons, armor, crafting and a whole boatload of other things to make sure everything is in working order. Once we have everything balanced and the game isn’t experiencing any crippling bugs we’ll open it up to everyone who would like to apply for a character. That’s when a lot of the player-driven RP will start. (We say player-driven because the staff may not be on hand all the time to help with broader storylines, mob-puppeting and so on. We’ll be working behind the scenes on new areas, code tweaks, etc…).

The reason that alpha won’t have RP is because some of those game crashing bugs are going to delete items, mobs, pets, player-shops, houses and everything in between. We unfortunately won’t have the time to replace these lost items and mobs all the time; especially if the game is crashing again and again and then again just for kicks. That’s the phase where we really are just trying to break things to see where the issues are that need to be fixed.

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A Modest Update

We wanted to keep everyone in the loop with what is going on right now, so here is a small update on everyone on their progress!

The biggest bit of news is Aurix is working with the coder on some pretty fancy combat formulas for defense, offense, damage etc… I’ve taken a peek and after being utterly confused for several minutes, Aurix was kind enough to explain how it works. We’ll definitely need help balancing once the skills and spells are in and functioning but it looks AMAZING so far. They are doing a stellar job.

Ri’ has been working hard at scouring over our current files to see where we have conflicting accounts of things and creating new files to fill in some of the holes. It’s coming along quite nicely!

Evoru is hard at work doing… well a little of everything really. Isavra is coming right along and the basilicas that she’s created thus far are breathtaking. Her detail work is stunning and we hope everyone will be excited to run around in the city we’re creating.

Belimedra is working on the custom building interface for the game. While that sounds ho hum, it will actually be quite helpful to you the players. The interface will allow staff builders to make a lot more custom alterations that previous codebases wouldn’t allow, so a lot more will be able to go into the game without bogging down the coding team with simple requests. Builders will be able to do a big chunk of it themselves meaning everything will be done much quicker for the players!

Several of you prospective players have asked how they could be of help, and right now the biggest help we need is opinions! We want to know what you’ve liked about mudding experiences you’ve had, what frustrated you, and what ideas you would really like to see. Come tell us on the forums, we want to know what you want, because Valindir is all about making a great experience for the players! Eventually we will need testers to fiddle with the codebase to help us find bugs, and we will be sure to announce when that is all ready to go. (You most likely won’t be able to get us to shut up about it). More to come later!

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Looking towards the Future

Hello everyone! We thought it was about time for an update (perhaps a bit overdue for one) but hopefully all the news we have will help with that. So on to the updates!

The first big update is that Valindir has a new coder! Tylin has partnered with our game and is developing something truly amazing (I’ve seen it myself!). He is creating an original codebase (called Banshee at the moment) for Valindir to use. When finished, this codebase shouldn’t require as much maintenance and support as a Diku-based code (not that Diku code is bad, it is just a touch outdated). Everything will be from scratch and designed around what will make the game exciting and fun for people of all tastes and play styles.

Valindir will become a rich and enthralling game for people looking for a lot of different things. We’ll offer all types of things like political intrigue, varied religions, extensive crafting, an intuitive combat system including melee and magic, houses, apartments, shops, player-created and run clans, and lots more! But what does this mean for you the player right this very moment? I’ll tell you!

We want your help! That’s right; help us make Valindir an amazing game! Right at this moment our building team is hard at work creating Isavra, the starting city for all races, so that everyone will have someplace to run around in when we open for testing. (Yes, that’s right, we are even starting to *think* about testing, but we’ll make sure to update you guys when that is). We want to hear from you guys, the players, on the kinds of things you want to see in the game. What’s important to you? What’s something you think would be amazing? We want to know! Eventually we will roll out applications for builders, coders and staff, but for now, the biggest help is telling us your opinions!

You’ll also notice that more files will start appearing on the website and a few things here and there are going to be revamped. Nothing major (most likely) but a few polishes to make things perfect and adding to the lore of the world.

So there you have it! Get excited people; we certainly are!

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A Complete Overhaul

You may have noticed a few pages here and there being tweaked and fiddled with as of late. The Valindir staff is still quite active and we have some updates for all of you!

First a bit of bad news. The pervious coder Jeax became too busy in real life to be able to dedicate the time needed to get Valindir up and running, so he stepped down from his position. But, with every setback, the staff are convinced to take more steps forward. Evoru is already working with a friend of hers to get a base codebase up and running, and we will be looking for coders to come help out in the coming days! If you are interested in coding, check us out on the Valindir forums and leave us a little hello! Even if you aren’t interested in coding, we still want you to come say hi!

Now, we want to assure everyone that the core values of this game are not changing. We still won’t have any classes or alignments, and the staff is still completely dedicated to making sure the players control the pace of the world with their storylines. Code only helps facilitate the amazing things you’ll see here on Valindir, and with every step we make forward, we will be that much closer to beta testing. Watch here for more upcoming news on that!

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