122 The First Immortals are Born

It was one of the greatest honors of my life, to sit with the Element of Earth and listen to her words as she spun the tale of the gods and goddesses. But I have gotten ahead of myself indeed, for I have started at the end of my experience and not at the beginning. My name is Yainiwye and I am a wandering bard and minstrel. During one of my quests about the world I stopped at a charming little spot along the river and sat upon a rock to rest my weary feet. I looked about the world about me and saw the beauty that the Elements and felt compelled simply to sing a song to honor them. I can’t even recall what that tune may have been, I just remember I felt as though my soul was pouring out into my music, and as I opened my eyes, there she was.

I beheld Belimedra before me; sitting upon another stone just next to mine, and a soft smile seemed to touch her lips. I thought at first I had slipped into a dream, for her ethereal beauty was breathtaking, but nearly slipping off my seat and into the rushing water was enough to convince me I was indeed awake. My mind stuttered a moment, as did my words, but Belimedra simply sat there and delicately crossed her ankles as she looked upon me. I adjusted my hat back upon my head, and began strumming upon my lute, singing the rest of my song for the Element that had graced me with her presence. As I finished my music I looked to her tentatively, checking her face to see if she enjoyed it, and her gentle smile let me know that she had.

I assumed she had just appeared to enjoy my company a moment and then to simply depart as mysteriously as she had appeared, but her lyrical voice sung out through the area. She started to spin me a tale, perhaps as a trade for the one I had sung, or maybe just to let someone know; someone she knew would pass it on to the world as I am doing now. She told me of her children, our creators: the gods and goddesses and how they came to be. I have tried to keep it all in her words as best I can remember (and I can remember quite well), but I still wish I had a quill and parchment that day.

“I will tell you a story now if you will permit me, good bard, in return for the gift you have given me. It is a story I have not told before, but a tale that should be told now that the world has started to heal. It is the story of your parents, the gods and goddesses, and how they came to be. It was Evoru, Brodgeir and myself who started the entire thing, crafting a ball of earth, stone and metal that would one day become the world we sit upon now. With my naïve intentions, I wanted to make something unique and amazing, and the other Elements followed in my footsteps. With these new editions to the land, we created a world that could sustain itself. Rivers, plants, animals, mountains and clouds; we crafted them all to reflect a beautiful paradise. Udele then made the first of the immortals to inhabit it and tend what we had started. It was Hadashae, the Goddess of Life, followed shortly by her twin sister, Nielalien, the Goddess of Death that were the first to be born, and we all loved them with every ounce of our being. They were perfect in our eyes: incapable of doing wrong, which was foolish to assume. The two were meant to bring balance to realm; to cause decay and rebirth in the world so that the animals and plants would not overtake everything. It was in our arrogance that we made them in our image; blessed with powers similar to our own.

The rest of us followed suit, making children to govern different parts of the world and even different ideas and emotions. We took pride in them, watching them solve their own petty squabbles with one another and experiment with the gifts of power we had given them. They crafted things like the rain and stars that we had not even dreamt could exist, and we were so proud. As time passed on, we worried we were smothering them, as many of them expressed more independence than we could give them. We foolishly left them to the world we had made for them, and we failed them as parents.

What they did… it was unforgivable, and we deeply mourn the pain that they have caused… the pain that we caused by not properly watching them. I do not expect the world to understand, but I wanted them to know that their parents were once good, loving entities who wanted nothing more than to laugh and play among one another. Perhaps it is their fault for getting too wrapped up in their own petty disputes, or ours for giving them far too much power. Either way, there have been many blessings that were hidden among the chaos, the greatest being our grandchildren, you, the mortal race. Without the gods and goddesses, you would probably not exist at all, which would be a terrible thing indeed. You have enriched this world and become the children we had once hoped our own would become…”

Her voice trailed off as she looked out over the horizon, and I was lulled from my state of silence and looked out at the sunset with her. “Perhaps the world is like a coin with two faces.” I said, still staring out at the sun as it turned the skies a hazy pink and purple. “Perhaps to have good things, you must also have bad things, and only when the two are together do you have a whole.” I thought myself a scholar, if only for a moment, but as I looked back to the stone upon which she sat, it stood vacant. The Element of Earth had left my presence, but not my side, as she is always with us each day. From that moment forth, I retold the tale I had been given, sometimes to the gasps and condemnation of others, but I told it just the same.

In my old age I can no longer travel as I could on that day, so I have penned the story down, and now I am telling it to you in a way. While I am sure my body has long since rotted away by now, my words have lived on as had the story. I hope someday when I read this again, in another life and another time, I will remember that moment, if only briefly, for it was the greatest moment of my lifetime.


Posted June 27, 2016 by belimedra

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