A Complete Overhaul

You may have noticed a few pages here and there being tweaked and fiddled with as of late. The Valindir staff is still quite active and we have some updates for all of you!

First a bit of bad news. The pervious coder Jeax became too busy in real life to be able to dedicate the time needed to get Valindir up and running, so he stepped down from his position. But, with every setback, the staff are convinced to take more steps forward. Evoru is already working with a friend of hers to get a base codebase up and running, and we will be looking for coders to come help out in the coming days! If you are interested in coding, check us out on the Valindir forums and leave us a little hello! Even if you aren’t interested in coding, we still want you to come say hi!

Now, we want to assure everyone that the core values of this game are not changing. We still won’t have any classes or alignments, and the staff is still completely dedicated to making sure the players control the pace of the world with their storylines. Code only helps facilitate the amazing things you’ll see here on Valindir, and with every step we make forward, we will be that much closer to beta testing. Watch here for more upcoming news on that!


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