Looking towards the Future

Hello everyone! We thought it was about time for an update (perhaps a bit overdue for one) but hopefully all the news we have will help with that. So on to the updates!

The first big update is that Valindir has a new coder! Tylin has partnered with our game and is developing something truly amazing (I’ve seen it myself!). He is creating an original codebase (called Banshee at the moment) for Valindir to use. When finished, this codebase shouldn’t require as much maintenance and support as a Diku-based code (not that Diku code is bad, it is just a touch outdated). Everything will be from scratch and designed around what will make the game exciting and fun for people of all tastes and play styles.

Valindir will become a rich and enthralling game for people looking for a lot of different things. We’ll offer all types of things like political intrigue, varied religions, extensive crafting, an intuitive combat system including melee and magic, houses, apartments, shops, player-created and run clans, and lots more! But what does this mean for you the player right this very moment? I’ll tell you!

We want your help! That’s right; help us make Valindir an amazing game! Right at this moment our building team is hard at work creating Isavra, the starting city for all races, so that everyone will have someplace to run around in when we open for testing. (Yes, that’s right, we are even starting to *think* about testing, but we’ll make sure to update you guys when that is). We want to hear from you guys, the players, on the kinds of things you want to see in the game. What’s important to you? What’s something you think would be amazing? We want to know! Eventually we will roll out applications for builders, coders and staff, but for now, the biggest help is telling us your opinions!

You’ll also notice that more files will start appearing on the website and a few things here and there are going to be revamped. Nothing major (most likely) but a few polishes to make things perfect and adding to the lore of the world.

So there you have it! Get excited people; we certainly are!


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