A Modest Update

We wanted to keep everyone in the loop with what is going on right now, so here is a small update on everyone on their progress!

The biggest bit of news is Aurix is working with the coder on some pretty fancy combat formulas for defense, offense, damage etc… I’ve taken a peek and after being utterly confused for several minutes, Aurix was kind enough to explain how it works. We’ll definitely need help balancing once the skills and spells are in and functioning but it looks AMAZING so far. They are doing a stellar job.

Ri’ has been working hard at scouring over our current files to see where we have conflicting accounts of things and creating new files to fill in some of the holes. It’s coming along quite nicely!

Evoru is hard at work doing… well a little of everything really. Isavra is coming right along and the basilicas that she’s created thus far are breathtaking. Her detail work is stunning and we hope everyone will be excited to run around in the city we’re creating.

Belimedra is working on the custom building interface for the game. While that sounds ho hum, it will actually be quite helpful to you the players. The interface will allow staff builders to make a lot more custom alterations that previous codebases wouldn’t allow, so a lot more will be able to go into the game without bogging down the coding team with simple requests. Builders will be able to do a big chunk of it themselves meaning everything will be done much quicker for the players!

Several of you prospective players have asked how they could be of help, and right now the biggest help we need is opinions! We want to know what you’ve liked about mudding experiences you’ve had, what frustrated you, and what ideas you would really like to see. Come tell us on the forums, we want to know what you want, because Valindir is all about making a great experience for the players! Eventually we will need testers to fiddle with the codebase to help us find bugs, and we will be sure to announce when that is all ready to go. (You most likely won’t be able to get us to shut up about it). More to come later!


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