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Greetings from the land of Valindir! I wanted to post a nice little update to keep you apprised of what we are all up to!

Tylin, our coder, is working on all the glitches and issues we are experiencing, but I can tell you we do have a server and the game thus far has been up and running without crashing at everything! We have a baseline character creation in place as well as an account creation that is fully functional. Right now it’s a lot of tweaking and working with what a lot of people may consider “basic” commands like complex says, embedded emotes etc…, but since this is all from scratch it’s something that has to be hand-coded. Nevertheless, Tylin has been a brilliant addition to the team and we are all excited to see the progress that is being made

Belimedra (that’s me!) is still working on the building program scripts. The room scripts for building clocked in at over 130 pages, so it’s no small undertaking, I assure you. It’s all the room flags, affects, etc… and how a builder would set those up in each room. We strive for things to be complex without being complicated, so it’s more work initially to make things easier in the long run. This way craftable items, restrings, houses, pets, mobs, shops etc… will be able to be set up with relative ease for players so there shouldn’t be any long waits or delays. We can immediately build items for RP purposes within just a few minutes and have them up and ready to use.

Evoru and Ri are working on Isavra; the starting city for the game. I know a lot of people have asked “But what about Danzibar? I thought that was the starting location.” Isavra is the “newbie city” in the sense that every newly created player will pass through there when they enter the game. It’s where you’ll find the learning academy where you can take lessons in the basics of fighting, magic, and even non-combat things like healing or crafting. We decided this would be a better starting place both because of the ease of access to the skills and spells for testing and because it’s a much smaller area of less than 300 rooms. It will be easier to organize people to test certain things in that area, rather than Danzibar which is well over 1,000 rooms. It’s much easier to get lost there 🙂 Danzibar will likely open up when the initial phase of testing is complete. It’s still there so don’t worry that it’s been scrapped or anything!

Aurix is tinkering away with the meaty bits of the game: combat formulas and tweaks to our skills/spells list. He’s also figured out how armor and weapons will work in relation to how we build them (which is honestly the only part I even start to understand about them). The math is both daunting and impressive to look at. It should make things more balanced and complex without being overly cumbersome and hard to understand.

I would like to address the big question we hear a lot: When is Valindir open for testing? It is an excellent question and I’d like to answer it as best I can: we aren’t quite sure just yet. There are still some bugs that are crashing the game as well as a lot of little issues to work out before we feel it’s ready to have players come in to test. We promise you we will make a big announcement about alpha testing (you probably won’t be able to get us to shut up about it in fact).

What will happen for alpha is we will have applications to be a tester. For alpha testing there really won’t be any RP, but we’ll need our testers to work with the combat systems, items, weapons, armor, crafting and a whole boatload of other things to make sure everything is in working order. Once we have everything balanced and the game isn’t experiencing any crippling bugs we’ll open it up to everyone who would like to apply for a character. That’s when a lot of the player-driven RP will start. (We say player-driven because the staff may not be on hand all the time to help with broader storylines, mob-puppeting and so on. We’ll be working behind the scenes on new areas, code tweaks, etc…).

The reason that alpha won’t have RP is because some of those game crashing bugs are going to delete items, mobs, pets, player-shops, houses and everything in between. We unfortunately won’t have the time to replace these lost items and mobs all the time; especially if the game is crashing again and again and then again just for kicks. That’s the phase where we really are just trying to break things to see where the issues are that need to be fixed.


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