We Are Still Alive!

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a long time… way too long in fact, since we have updated the front page. I know a lot of you probably assumed the game had stalled in development and was dead and gone. Fear not, we still plan on making Valindir and are in process of doing so right now! Let me catch everyone up on what’s happened and where the game is heading.

Unfortunately, we’ll start with the bad news. Our wonderful Head Coder was snatched up by real life and offered an amazing (paying) job. The time and effort it takes to code from scratch like we intended is a full time job itself, and we only pay in smiles and compliments so all work done is volunteered time. The staff sat down and had a long conversation about what we could do to get Valindir up and running. We eventually came to the conclusion that we could still realize our vision of a game dedicated to the players with all the frills and blood we wanted using an existing code base and modifying it from there. Our previous coder has graciously offered to help out here and there as his schedule allows with trickier bits of code. So we have started to move forward using SmaugFUSS. We selected it because there are a lot of current support forums out there for it, with some of the more crippling bugs and issues already fixed. We can still do all the cool things like our custom skills and spells we’ve created, a robust crafting system, an expansive world filled to the brim with interesting people and things, as well as player-owned shops, homes and other awesome stuff. These types of things are and will always be the cornerstone of Valindir and we will find a way to make them work.

Currently, Evoru is tinkering away at the code to at least get the basic structure of races and their stats put into the coding, but this is a new frontier for her and learning how to manipulate the code will take some time. Aurix is currently studying computer science in college with aspirations of being able to help with the more difficult, complicated code we’ll need, but that is still a little while off. While we are not currently filling staff roles, if there are players out there with coding experience and knowledge we wouldn’t turn down the help. It would definitely go a long way on an application when we eventually start promoting people to leadership roles and staff-in-training to be sure. (If you’re interested, drop us a message on our Facebook page or post on our forums).

While the code may be a difficult beast to wrestle into submission, some of us are writers and builders, so drafting up maps of areas, room/item/mob descriptions and crafting ideas are still going on behind the scenes. We are also going to revisit the website files and make sure everything is up to standards and finish fleshing out a lot of the lore, including the history of the world, a bestiary with creatures you’re likely to find scampering about the lands and the rich cultures of all our races. We are also adding something called “Notable NPCs” to our Geography sections that will give you a little bio of somewhat famous people that may be living in a specific city or region. This may be something like a famous actor/actress, a head of government that not currently run by a player, or a well-known local with stories to tell and stuff to sell. This will all be considered In-Character information too, so you can easily integrate into a new city, or just learn something new about a remote area you haven’t visited yourself (at least not yet). The “Roster” section will be modified so players can come up with their own concepts for roles we will need filled once beta testing launches (eventually) or fulfill roles that players have given up playing. We are also going to get our rules, FAQs and other parts of the “Player Guide” in order as well. The plan is to have the website complete with information before testing begins so your first character can be knowledgeable about the world around them.

We truly appreciate your patience as we work through these hurdles and towards our goal of getting Valindir up and running. We could not do it without the great support we receive from players like you. We are going to be more diligent about keeping things updated and letting everyone know how progress is going. Thank you so much, from the bottom of all our hearts, for sticking with us.


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