2017 The Elves are Created

I glimpsed a creature today, darting through the dense trees of Imladres Forest. I think it might have been a woman, so fair and lithe, as it hurried through the trees and out of my sight. I could hear the whispers, yet they seemed to envelop me, so that I could not tell from where they were coming. Rustles of branches and bushes encircled me, and I could feel their eyes upon me as I crept backwards from the way I had come. I saw her eyes there, watching me, and they were the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. Their violet color like tiny blossoms among the leaves that she peered from, speckled with golden flecks like dew catching in the sun. Ohh to have seen more of her, as she was the true incarnation of radiance and loveliness. I would have risked it all just to glimpse her, had the winds not picked me up from the very ground I stood upon and throw me backwards. Again it pushed me away, as if the woods themselves were excusing me from their presence, and I never saw the stunning woman again.

This excerpt from an anonymous diary was found amongst the ruins of an ancient settlement on the outskirts of what is now Yarola’Sia and marks the first record of anyone encountering the Elves. It would be years before the rest of the world was aware of this new race and why the Goddess of Beauty had created them. It would be decades after Al’Drenra before a more complete history of their creation would surface.

Yarowe began tinkering with the Elves when she became disgusted by what her immortal brethren to her Sylvan creations. These creatures would hold her grace and beauty, as well as her passion for the arts. From these ideals sprung the Elven race and she was even more pleased with them than she had been with her original creations. She doted on them each and every day, withdrawing herself from the rest of the realm to properly raise and train her children.

Fiercely protective of these new offspring, she hid them away from the rest of the world in Yarola’Sia for she feared that their image might be corrupted by one of the members of the pantheon again. Enarista was the only goddess allowed to look upon them, as she was the lover of Yarowe and would never do anything to slight her. Together, the two goddesses protected the area, and made sure that no spying immortal tarried onto their lands.

While most of Valindir understands that the Elves were created from the Sylvan, the Elves viciously deny such slanderous rumors and claim they are lies made up by jealous “lower races.” The Elves firmly believe that they were an original creation, born from the love of Yarowe and not tainted by the Sylvan bloodline. Any history that might have indicated they were descended from the Sylvan people was destroyed long ago. The Elves justified this by claiming they were removing lies from the record of history so that the world can better understand their unique, beautiful people.


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