2021 Construction on Enaryn Begins

Enaryn was the first mortal city to be constructed after the birth of the races. While small towns and communities had popped up all over the realm, nothing that was large enough to house most of a race was ever even conceived. It was the Elves under the guidance of Yarowe that started the construction deep in forest of Yarola’Sia and The Goddess of Beauty that shaped the idea of land ownership. Before this time, most of the other immortals roamed the world without regard to anything that might be theirs, save for their creations and what they carried with them. To solidify her claim to the lands, she ordered that a grand city be built to inspire awe and amazement to anyone who might look upon it. She dubbed it Enaryn, named after Enarista, her lover and confidant.

After the sketches and blueprints for the city were drafted, the Elves realized they would need materials outside the reach of the dense woodlands. They decided to trade with the Dwarves for cut stone, as they were masters of the mountain and could easily carve the rock to the right sizes and shapes. This would be the first time that anyone would lay eyes on the lithe people since their creation. They had previously kept to themselves, far out of the reach of the rest of Valindir, at the instance of their creator, Yarowe. While they may have looked upon their bodies, no one saw their faces as those who traded with the outside world wore veils so that no man, woman or child might gaze upon their full beauty.

Surprisingly, the wall surrounding the city was the first item to be built. To view it in those days would have been a sight indeed, as it would have been a gleaming stone wall about a densely wooded area. The Elves didn’t want any outsiders peering in on their day to day lives or what they might be creating behind the walls. Construction was tedious and painstaking for the somewhat frail Elves, until after the war with the Orcs, for that is when the Gryphons came to live with them. They were able to help build the towering city quickly and efficiently under the direction of Elven architects. The next time any mortal laid eyes on the area was years later and the city was already functioning, with only a few small sections still under construction. It was considered a marvel of the world at the time, as no other culture had a city of that magnitude. To this day it still stands on the banks of river, managing to survive the war with the Orcs and Al’Drenra without being reduced into rubble.


Posted June 27, 2016 by belimedra

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