2945 The Sylvan Race is Destroyed

Today is a sad day in our most prosperous times, for the last of the Sylvan race has passed away and they are no longer. The Lady Yarowe has her Elves so I doubt that they will ever be seen in this realm again. They were a sophisticated, educated people, and I write this in memorandum of them so that no one will ever forget these wonderful people.

The Sylvan were the first of the mortals that ever graced the world, or so it is said, and their mother was the Lady Yarowe, Goddess of Beauty. It showed that she was their creator, as they were breath taking to behold, such beauty and grace they carried. It is why that the Danava, Daphinae, Sidhe and even the Elves were formed from these beings.

They were a self-sufficient people and made their home in all corners of the known world. Some dwelled in the deserts of the north and their skin became dark and tanned, while others made their home along the plains and savanna on the western side of the realm. No matter where they were they lived in harmony with the world about them. Their grace and speed made them marvelous hunters, and their eye for detail made them expert crafters and farmers. Races flocked from all around the realm to have their clothes formed by these resilient people, as they tailored the most durable shirts and pants from animal hides.

The Sylvan were the first to implore a new spoken written language they created on their own, which has come to be known as the common tongue. They were known as the early teachers and scholars, most likely inherited from their creator, and when the Lady Yarowe still doted on her children, she often encouraged this behavior. Even after she left their side to be with the Elves, the Sylvan people still saw themselves as care takers for the realm. Even in these last few years, when their numbers began to die out, they have taken to helping those that are less fortunate.

It had been over nine hundred years since Lady Yarowe had made another Sylvan, and they knew that their time on the world would fade away within the next six hundred years, as most lived to be about fifteen hundred years old. No one could have seen that their time would come to such an abrupt end though, and it has saddened the world that these glorious people are no longer with us. It was Lord Ohesta who cursed this race, presumably for what he considered arrogance on their part. It was the Sylvan who prayed to Lady Obtaya about her leaving on some evenings to be with her husband. While they respected their marriage, the race was being stalked by predators in the night and they had no way of defending themselves. They pleaded that the Goddess please remember them, which upset Lady Obtaya and sent her into tears. Furious that a mortal race would dare to make his love weep so, he cursed them with a horrendous disease that not even he knew the cure.

The Sylvan began to cough, growing worse each day, and blood began to leak from their eyes as if they were crying. Their bodies began to wither away and they looked like living skeletons before they passed on. It only took a month for them to perish and no longer be seen in this realm, and I was fortunate enough to be at one of their sides and hear their wisdom before they died. They said that as long as their memory and what they stood for stayed alive, that a piece of them was still walking and breathing in Valindir. I will make sure that no one ever forgets these noble people or what they looked like. I have commissioned an artist to paint a portrait of the last leader of the Sylvan, and will enclose it with this text. Hopefully it will survive into the future and everyone can know what a loss the world has suffered this day.


Posted June 27, 2016 by belimedra

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