3610 The Elements Are Recalled to Valindir

Once, long ago, when I was just coming into my adulthood, I perchance fell upon the Lady Belimedra deep within the jungles of Hellios. At first I was shocked and stood in awe of her, but it was only a few moments before I realized there were tears falling down her delicate cheeks. As she touched the ground, I realized there were flowers sprouting as she pressed her fragile fingers into the soil. I had stumbled upon a graveyard and she was in mourning. My heart froze and I slowly began to back away, trying so carefully never make a sound, but a chill ran through my form as her voice cut through the air and spoke quietly “It is alright, child, you have not disturbed me. Please, come closer.”

I don’t remember how we ended up in a secluded glade near that waterfall; I just remember her face seemed to soothe me as she smiled at me. “It’s alright, you may speak.” It was if she knew the thoughts that were swirling within my mind. “Why… why were you crying?” I managed to stutter out. Her eyes seemed to glisten a moment, as if she was taken to another place. “I was thinking of them.” Her voice trailed off a bit. Without even thinking I blurted out “Them?” but her faint smile reassured me she had not been offended. “The fallen children… the ones that… I failed.” Her voice seemed frail and broken, not something I ever expected to hear from an element. “You… you mean the gods?” I managed to speak quietly as I looked into her fragile face. “No my dear… those that… perished before we were lulled from our slumber.” My curiosity swirled in my chest, but I did not want to presume to push her further for answers. I think she sensed that in me and began her story.

“I remember the screams, the horrible, terrible shrieks of agony. It was the first thing I can recall and everything seemed a blur until I opened my eyes. There were their broken battered bodies, their eyes all open as if they were staring into my soul; as if they were envious that I had one and they did not. They trusted in us and we had failed them. As I stared into their glossy eyes I knew that the fault was ours and they had needlessly suffered. I gazed upon the world we had left it seemed foreign to me, and I felt the pain of the dying. Entire races were being destroyed before my very eyes, and the rest of the Elements were moved by this display… this desperate cry for help. I looked at my children, the gods… my anger was stirred within my chest as was my sympathy. I could not comprehend how they could commit such terrible atrocities, and at the same time I knew it was because we, their parents, had failed them. We had no choice…” her voice trailed off as an overwhelming sadness seemed to envelop her features.

“If… if it had not been for the support of Lamulae I do not know how I would have managed to cope with such a tragedy. As my eyes rested on those who were left and what they are already survived, I knew in my heart that they were as dear to me as my own children. Never again could we allow something so terrible to overcome our children again.” and her eyes moved to me with a delicate smile upon her lips. “I have deep love for all of my children and never intend to leave their side again.”

My chest felt… I don’t even know how to describe such a feeling. It is as if my heart were brimming over with joy and fulfillment. My eyes slowly closed as I felt her arms wrap about my form and her delicate voice speak “My child… I love you.” into my ear. As my eyes opened I was sitting along the edge of a river. I looked down into my reflection and I still felt that fullness in my heart, for I knew, somewhere, she was watching over my soul and protecting it from harm.

~ an anonymous writing carefully scribed into a fading, wrinkled book


Posted June 27, 2016 by belimedra

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