3610 The Gods are Placed in an Eternal Slumber

I could hear the armor clanging as it echoed throughout the dank caves. My hands trembled as I set yet another of our children to their eternal slumber. It was Amoti, and her frail, broken body seemed so foreign compared to the daughter that I had once known. I tended to her bleeding wounds, and brushed her now tangled hair from her face. Tears began to fall from my cheeks as I clasped her hand in mine, and I could feel her faint pulse as she slumbered, hopefully dreaming of a happier time. Udele rested his hand upon my shoulder, as if he knew the pain that was radiating throughout my body was threatening to overtake me.

“It is alright Lamulae… It is for the best, and I know that you know that. Be strong, it will all be over soon.”

Udele’s eyes seemed both cold and caring, as I knew he had just come from the battle with our children. We have only gathered a mere half of them up thus far, and most were not coming peacefully. Only Air is refusing to help, but I do not feel hatred towards him, as I could not bring myself to pick up blade against my own babies. It is why I remain here, setting them to their eternal slumber and tending to their broken bodies. They should at least look like the innocent creatures that I remember them to be, and not the grizzled, war torn monsters that they have become.

I can hear his footsteps coming down the corridor, and I know he is coming for my poor Amoti. I kiss her forehead one last time, and whisper in her ear that we will always love her. Brodgeir hovers his hands just above her fragile form, and I clutch her hand in mine just in case she feels any pain. Slowly, her soul pulls from her form, and the wispy, glowing orb is held in Stone’s grasp. He nods softly to me and carries the flickering light down the hall where it will be pieced apart for the mortals. Slowly the tears come back, and I realize I am sobbing while still clutching my sleeping daughter’s hand. I scoop her into my arms and carry her to the others. She looks so peaceful as she drifts from my grasp and the shimmering crystal begins to envelop her body. Here she will rest for all time and this will be her grave, for never again will she rise from this secluded place to bring such destruction.

I can hear the clanking of armor again. It hurts me to my very soul as the harsh grating sound echoes off these cold, damp walls. My lips press together, for I know that they must be bringing yet another god or goddess that has fallen in this horrible battle. When I round the corner my gaze meets Evoru’s, and I can just make out her glinting eyes beyond her helm. I look to the form that she is carrying in her arms, but it is not that of an immortal, but a battered and wounded Belimedra that is clasping on to her arm and softly wincing in agony.

“They have developed weapons and magic that can cause us serious harm… they cornered her and…”

Metal’s voice trailed off as she seemed to grasp Belimedra a bit tighter before she placed her gently on the cot in the corner. It is the only time I have seen a softer side to Evoru, as she pulled the dented helmet free of Earth’s head. She looked terrible, as a few cuts across her face had already started to heal but the oozing blood had already encrusted itself to her face. Poor Belimedra could barely move as I knelt down next to her and started to tend to her wounds. When I turned to ask what had happened, Metal had already vanished, back out on the field of battle I assumed.

For hours I tended to the wounded Element, as she seemed to develop a fever and fade in and out of consciousness; rarely able to coherently speak. As time passed, Rhesk brought two more of the immortals and I tended to their bodies while remaining ever vigilant of Earths precarious situation. I could tell from his expression that Stone was gravely worried about her, as I often saw him lingering near her bed when he thought I wasn’t looking. Even Air, who had remained neutral and away from the fighting even stopped to see how she was doing, and even through his mask, I could see the concern he showed for her.

It was now up to Wood, Fire, Magic, Spirit and Metal to retrieve the rest of our wayward children and bring them to here for their final rest. I was finally able to close all of Belimedra’s wounds, and I sat by her side, dabbing the dirt and blood from her face and combing through her tangled hair. As I dipped my cloth into the cool, soothing water, she sat up with a start; a panicked look sprawled across her face.

“It’s alright, it’s alright… you’re safe here. Evoru brought you to this place hours ago.”

Belimedra winced slightly as she grasped onto my arm and began to pull herself to her feet. I couldn’t believe it, and just sat there dumbfounded as she hobbled over to her armor that was heaped in the corner and started to affix it to her battered form.

“Belimedra, you’re injured! You could be seriously hurt if you go back out there! Please, stay here with me so you can heal your wounds.”

I pleaded with her, my voice cracking through the pain that must have been so evident as my words echoed off the walls. Her helm slid over her visage, and I could only see the glint in her eyes behind the shadows of the green-tinged metal.

“They are all dying…”

Her voice seemed broken and weak, and I could feel the pain that was woven within her words as she began to weep quietly.

“I know… but we both know it’s for the best. They have to be stopped, no matter how much it pains us.”

She slung her blade into its holster, a twinge of pain shooting throughout her form.

“No, not our children… their children. Those poor mortals are dying, slipping from this world as I laid here, slumbering. I cannot fail them. Even if I can only save one, it is worth this pain. It is worth any pain.”

Her words resonated within my heart. I spoke a quick incantation that helped to soothe some of the pain and revitalize her worn and tired body, but I could not heal the wounds that were truly causing her torment. She, more than anyone else, blames herself for the failures of our children, and even in this short time has grown quite attached to what she has fondly called, our grandchildren.


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