3735 The Merchants Take Power in Balinor and Build Danzibar

Today, my fellow merchants, we have found a land of plenty where we can house our headquarters. The Centaurs and Humans here have allowed us this area, which we will name Balinor, after our leader, Freyden Balinor. This is the realm in which we will establish our world where we are free to trade and barter without the harsh shadow of the other races drawn over us with their ludicrous rules and taxes. We will establish a colony along the coast which we will call Halcyon Bay and serve as an anchor for the Crescent Road.

We have set to pitching tents and erecting a few small buildings in this spot, and even fashioned roads wide and even enough to facilitate horse drawn carriages and carts. This is the site where we will center our guild, and we all hope and pray that it will indeed become a trading hub between all the races. It will take many years of hard work, but one day, this will be a jewel of the world, for I have foreseen it in a dream. There are towering white buildings and paved streets, all bustling with life and trade, with the Merchants Guild as the lifeblood of the city. Some have laughed at this vision, but I know in my heart that it will one day come to fruition. We shall succeed and create a safe haven for trade and a towering city to rival all others.

This inscription was taken from a diary by a man named Marcaus Danzibar who was one of the first merchants to settle on the site of where the expansive city now stands. In honor of his vision and hard work establishing the colony, the city was named after the young human man.


Posted June 27, 2016 by belimedra

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