3747 The Dragons Attempt to Rule Valindir

Alas, these poor mortals, they are all lost without their immortal parents and have no idea what to do with their lives without the wars. Thankfully we were made vastly superior, in both body and mind, and thusly should rule the lands. It is the only way that makes sense since we are not constrained by a natural lifespan as their fleeting existence is, nor are we as petty in our disputes. They have had enough time to sort their issues out amongst themselves, and have proven that without supervision, they will tumble back into war.

It has come to our attention that some of the lesser ones have scoffed our rightful rule and are not submitting to our law. We should react in mercy to them, for they cannot comprehend our grand plans just yet, and need their time to adjust. Allow these children their tantrums, for if we are to guide them, they must first see how lost they are without us.



Scholars stumbled across one of these scrolls in the ruins of what was to be the library at Drothmara and it seems to be an authentic communication between the Dragons in the year 3745, shortly before they vied for power over all the mortals in the realm. It is commonly known that as the world began to settle after Al’Drenra, leaders emerged among the people, but no one race tried to rule the entire world, save for the Dragons. They felt that they had been made superior to the other races and possessed the needed wisdom to unite Valindir under their rule. With this in mind, they began their plans of laying out the land as they pleased, and began relocating people as they saw fit. They also stole from one community to give to another, so that all might flourish under their rule. Some were too frightened to disagree with such a powerful people and did as they were told, while others rose up against the Dragons, almost plunging the world back into war.

While their intentions may have been pure, the Dragons quickly realized they had failed as rulers when their settlements began to burn and many of their kind were slaughtered. They tried diplomacy and eloquent speech to convince anyone that they were the rightful rulers, but after the Assembly established the legal territory lines, they gave up their pursuits of ruling the land by force. It was because of the Dragons that the Assembly was called, and no one dared speak against the high priests of the Elements that established the laws that all would follow, not even the Dragons.


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