3775 The Construction on Drothmara Begins

It took years of planning, but eventually the Dragons began construction on their fabled city of Drothmara. After their failed attempts to rule Valindir, the Dragon’s were granted the lands of Huldova to rule as they pleased. While they still controlled the territory on the other side of the mountains, no one but the Dragons knew what was nestled across its craggy peaks, and so The Assembly deemed it outside of their jurisdiction. At first, the Dragons viewed the deserts as a curse, and that no one would ever willingly come to them there. They would not risk the pollution their homeland with the filth of the ordinary mortals, so they were at an impasse until the towering city was proposed. They decided that they would build a city grander than anywhere else in the realm so they could draw others to live there and submit to the Dragon’s rule.

They were able to complete several buildings and the basic road layout for their glamorous city before construction was halted by the cursing of the race three years later. The city still stands, partly in ruins from time and decay, and some of the materials still sit untouched and unused. The Drakiens have yet to come together to finish the fabled city of their ancestors, as the tribes have separated off, each staking a claim on Drothmara. Since no one clan with relinquish their claim or allow one of the other tribes to build on what they consider their land, the area is doomed to go uninhabited until something changes.

The only thing that reminds the world of what the city would have looked like is an extensive set of paintings and plans that were uncovered inside a massive stone chest on the grounds. The Drakiens agreed to let them be housed in museums and libraries all over the realm, as a testament to what they believe they will one day accomplish.


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