3778 The Enlightened Curse the Dragons and Create Drakiens

The arrogance of the Dragons has tarried too far. They treat themselves as gods, and yet they are not. They cannot see past their own pride, and so now they have forced our hand in this. Their pride shall be their demise, for my kindred and I have formed a plan. I have grown old, and I do not wish to dwindle away in a bed while a simpleton jots down my last fleeting thoughts. There are those among the Enlightened who have seen what I have seen, and are willing to make this sacrifice with me.

The Dragons must be dealt with. They attempt to place a yoke upon the world and plunge us back into war. Unless someone acts, they will use force upon the entire realm and destroy us all. It is now, in this peaceful time, that we, the Enlightened, have discovered the truth: that within us all lays the power of the gods and the elements. We can transcend these simple bodies and create things of our own. Now these brutes who mock our knowledge openly are setting themselves up to be warlords over us. If this should happen, we will be destroyed, and the truth will be lost for years, perhaps even forever. We cannot allow this, for we are so close to realizing our full potential.

To those who are joining me in sacrificing their bodies know that you are a hero to this world, whether other people will understand that or not. I have the utmost respect for you and you are my brothers and sisters in faith and in death. To those who will remain here on this realm, I have a deep love and reverence for you as well, for you are taking up the cause in our absence. Do not waiver in your faith, even under the persecution that we suffer. You are chosen to carry on the truth to the next generation, and it is a prestigious cause indeed.

This will be my last communication to you all, for in a few short days, I will no longer be here in body, but I will live on in your hearts and mind. One day I will realize my full potential, as I am sure you will, and we shall be as our immortal parents. It will be my honor to join you on that day. Until then, keep your faith strong, and remember, even in the darkest of times, cling to your beliefs, for it shall bring you through.

-Nolan LeDeere


This was the last communication from the founder of The Path of the Enlightened, Nolan LeDeere, and was discovered just a few short weeks after the Dragons were cursed and the Drakiens were made. Nolan LeDeere was a shrewd man, and quite brilliant, even though most though his intentions were misplaced. He, like much of the rest of the realm, grew tired of the Dragon’s pride and feared that they may set themselves up to be the new pantheon of the world and plunge Valindir back into war. To prevent this and humble the powerful race, Nolan LeDeere concocted a plan that would destroy only the most arrogant and foolish of the race, and spare anyone with the sense to refrain from such barbaric actions.

On the Sigil Night, when it is commonly known that the Dragons are most powerful, Nolan LeDeere and a handful of his followers arranged a duel with the Dragons. The powerful creatures were more than happy to agree to this one sided fight, and overtook the frail fighters (many of which who were far past their fighting prime). What the Dragons were unaware of was that LeDeere and the others had crafted oil that held a curse specially designed for this night. When the Dragons devoured the bodies of the fallen, they took the curse into them, and witnesses claim that Nolan’s final words were “By debasing yourselves, you have proven yourselves unworthy, and granted me victory.” The Dragons scoffed and laughed at the pitiful man, and several of them pounced on him, tearing him to pieces and devoured what was left of the once great wizard.

With that act, the curse was complete and the Dragons fell over in horrible pain, their hardened scales began to flake away and their bodies shrank down to a humanoid form. Their wings and tails decayed away and long locks of hair began sprouting from their heads. They had been turned into Drakiens, and looked upon their Dragon brethren for aid. The Dragons that had not partaken in the fighting looked upon them with disgust, saying that it was their own faults that they had been dishonored and they would have no association with such an inferior creature. With that, the remaining Dragons called a meeting and decided that without complete knowledge of this curse, they could not guarantee their own safety. Nine Dragons were chosen to guard the rocky mountain paths while the others would journey to the other side of the peaks, far away from the rest of the world. These nine still live to this day, as many assume that Dragons do not age like other races, and have barred passage over the mountains to their brothers and sisters.

Whether Nolan LeDeere could have predicted this particular turn of events, he did seem to understand that it would remove the threat of the Dragons, at least for a time. While most of the world still looks upon the Path of the Enlightened with disdain or pity, many are still grateful to LeDeere and his fallen kin for protecting the peace. The Drakiens, however, spit at the surname LeDeere, and rumors of heinous murders for even speaking the name in their presence have circulated among the people.


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