489 The Elements Depart

Today, our parents have left us, and this is both disconcerting and interesting at the same time. It is a most peculiar feeling, and I am enjoying this new experience. With our mothers and fathers now gone, we can no longer learn from their words, but I feel as if I have penned down all they could have ever bestowed upon us, so now I shall turn my attentions elsewhere. My brothers and sisters are most fascinating with their unique powers and talents, perhaps I shall study them next. I have heard rumblings from far in the distance where Yarowe dwells, and it is always amusing to watch Pardu and Hienle romp together through the woods. I have not yet decided where I shall go now, but I will keep in mind what Lord Udele has said…

“Mind yourselves and make this world your home. It is yours to do with as you will. Be wise, my children and never take any experience for granted. You are all grown now, and deserve your chance to make your own choices. We will return to you one day when the time is right and I am sure we will look on with pride at your accomplishments. Be well and take care.”

I shall keep this in mind in my travels, and keep my book and quill with me always.

This is a page taken from the writings of the fallen goddess, Tomaye, and was recovered a hundred years after Al’Drenra. It took nearly a decade to decode the ancient writings, and some still stumble over the exact linguistics, but it is believed to be a suitable translation. While some have doubted its authenticity, it was found at the site of an ancient temple dedicated to her worship, so it has been taken as cannon by most scholars.


Posted June 27, 2016 by belimedra

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