57 The Birth of the World

As the Elements became more and more aware of their surroundings, they began experimenting with their ability to create. It was Belimedra and Evoru that first began forming simple things, shortly followed by Brodgeir. The three began forming the basis of the world, and playfully cavorted together. Brodgeir pushed the mountains out of the world and Evoru filled the dirt that Belimedra crafted with sparkling metals. At times it turned into a competition between the three and they would form deep caverns and crevasses in the world as they shook it to its core.

Rhesk was fascinated by what was happening, but found the lands too dark and set the burning sun in the sky to light the world. The fiery ball in the sky touched the world and illuminated Valindir, but revealed it to be nothing but browns and grays. It was then that Lamulae and Aurix joined in the fun. Water swirled the vast cerulean oceans around what had been created and carved rivers throughout the land. Emerald trees and vibrant flowers sprung up from the ground as Wood added his touches to the realm. ‘Ri decided that it shouldn’t be so bright at all hours, so he set the world spinning and formed the day and night. Jeax then came down and began experimenting with his magical powers and the world began to pulsate with life and the plants began to reproduce on their own. It was then that Aurix made the first animal, with the rest of the Elements following shortly after, forming the fish of the sea and the birds of the air.

The Elements were pleased with what they crafted and tarried all around the realm, with Udele looking on with a smile at the rest of his brethren. He oversaw everything as it was made and would walk with the others as they explored their creation. Everything was in balance and harmonious as the Pantheon tinkered with their new world and crafted the landscape that would one day be home to their children and grandchildren.


Posted June 27, 2016 by belimedra

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