736 The First Mortal is Created

It was Yarowe, the Goddess of Beauty, who was able to craft the first of the mortals of Valindir and proudly showed off her children to her brothers and sisters. She had made the Sylvan race, and frightened though they were as the other gods and goddesses surrounded them, they felt safe with their mother there, watching over them. Yarowe beamed with pride as they questioned her on how she was able to make such a unique and stunning creation, and in great detail, she explained how she had managed to tap into the powers latent within the world itself. The essence of Valindir was all about them, the spirit of the Elements, and one needed only to tap into that magic and life could be formed. She taught her siblings how to make their own children, but never let them forget it was her who first discovered the power.

The rest of the pantheon set to work, creating all types of sentient beings and beasts alike. Some of the earliest mortals were destroyed or were unable to live more than a few moments, but as the talents of the immortals grew, more and more races were made “acceptable” and were permitted to survive. Several races were based off the Sylvan, as many of the immortals found it easier to adapt them and use their characteristics as a template. This was something that always infuriated Yarowe, and rumors of over a dozen races based on her creations being extinguished by her wrath are still circulated in ancient texts. While records during this time are scarce, and no one knows how many races might have once existed during this initial phase of creation, it is widely accepted and believed that the oral traditions of the Sylvan being the original mortals are true.


Posted June 27, 2016 by belimedra

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