772 The Daphinae are Created and Colonize Hellios

Hienle did craft our form and give us life,

From Sylvan birth we first did draw our pride.

The trees and leaves would become as our wife,

Living with nature as our chastened bride.


The island home was ours to lay our claim,

And so we did and built our sturdy home.

The beasts and birds were ours to eat and tame,

And from our Father we would never roam.


Rumblings we heard of wars poisonous threat,

And soldiers soon tread on our sacred land.

Sharp spear and blade is what they quickly met,

For no one should force our powerful hand.


Slaughtered were they by our efficient force,

Into battle we braved without remorse.


This sonnet was sung long ago, and legend says that the armies of the Daphinae chanted it as they went into battle during Al’Drenra. It chronicles their birth by Hienle, the God of Survival, from the Sylvan race, and how he led his people to the southern continent of Hellios that they would control even to the current times. It was there that they established their home, far away from the wrath of Yarowe, as she was disgusted by Hienle using her creations to craft his own. Soon outsiders came upon their lands and began harvesting the trees, bringing war to the otherwise peaceful culture. It was then that the race started to branch out and more of Valindir became aware of their existence.


Posted June 27, 2016 by belimedra

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