801 The Danava are Created

As so did Mother craft us with care and detail from the Sylvan race, and did place us in her bosom beneath the waves. She taught us the ways of the water and gave us the ability to glide through the sea as the birds do in the air. We dwell with Mother deep under the ocean and dance with her along the rippling sands beneath the waves. Blessed is she who has given us such a gift.

Mother then gave us the ability to speak, for our voices could not carry far in her world. She taught us to talk as she did, and reached out with her thoughts to us, and we reached back with ours and began to speak. Mother spoke with us and taught us much about the world outside the waves and how our home was here with her. She showed us thoughts in our minds of the other peoples and their place; of deserts, forests and mountains. Blessed is she who has given us such a gift.

Our world is as the world above the waves. We have our deserts of ocean beds, our mountains of stone and caverns that run deep into the heart of the world. Forests of seaweed and rolling plains of colorful coral; we have all that others have but their houses. Mother has shown us the ways of building, of stone and tools, and we have built our homes all over the ocean. We have made towers with her, and temples in her honor. Mother has guarded us from the outside world while still bringing its treasures to us. Blessed is she who has given us such a gift.

Blessed is the Mother Wasalon, and we shall always honor she who has given us life and she who will always protect us. Always bring her honor and praise her ways, as she has given us plentiful days.

This writing has been inscribed on a tablet deep beneath the waves in one of the temples of Wasalon. It is one of the first accounts of the written language for the Danava and has been preserved as the creation tale of their race.


Posted June 27, 2016 by belimedra

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