A Speculation on Potential Survivors of the Sigil Night

A Speculation on Potential Survivors of the Sigil Night, as recorded by Archmage Magnus “Old Firebrand” Eldritch and Reported to Mage Durakas

My Lord Mage, I feel it is my duty to inform you of what information I have received regarding those who may have survived that awful battle of years past. The information has been hard to come by, and I regret that I was not able to procure more satisfactory and detailed reports, but I must tell you what I know. It is possible that it has no great import, but still, I would caution that these fellows should be sought out and questioned.

As most of the intelligent races know, the Drakien history began at the end of what has become known as the Great War, or Al’Drenra in the Old Tongue. That night has been named the Massacre of Sigil Night, or Altered Eve. The once proud members of the Draconic races were cursed with a mere fraction of their birthright. Now, not to belittle them any, a fraction of their heritage can be a fearsome thing in and of itself. I would assume the natural course would be to tell the tale of survivors of the Massacre of Sigil Night.

Drath’eltor, an elder Dragon, survived the eve, and before the change was said to possess unparalleled abilities. It is rumored he had surfaced as a leader among the Drakien people and sought to unify the scattered beings. However another rumor told that since the end of Altered Eve, this has left this behemoth with deep, yet invisible scars, and at times has detrimental affects upon…well everything.

It is rumored that the fabled Crimson Terror, Samonsae, also survived the hard fought battle. While legend of this fearsome beast ranges almost seven hundred years, it is said this Dragon is one of the major determining factors in the actions of the Enlightened. All other information regarding this titan has been lost, forgotten, or shrouded in mystery. All that has remained are the legends of various countrysides burning for fortnights and entire armies obliterated.

A young black dragon is also said to have survived the massacre. Sonneillon was his name, and he was said to be a powerful mage. While not as experienced as most of his race, he was rather remarkable in his grasp and control of magic. His whereabouts after the massacre remain a mystery, yet my sources have questioned those who picked over the carrion of the battle, and they have assured me that he has survived.

If any other Dragons have survived and escaped the Change, they have also managed to escape my sources. Almost every Dragon that participated in that massacre survived…in one form or another. It is true that many attempted to band together, and many sired offspring. Most realized that their children didn’t have the lifespan that they themselves have, however, and ended up taking their own lives in despair at what they had become.

While I am sure one or two Enlightened survived the battle as well, I have no information regarding them. It is possible that they felt betrayed by Nolan’s actions, and sought escape in the far off corners of Valindir.

Regarding those original recipients of the curse and my own speculation…I have come to the conclusion that while the Enlightened sealed their forms and most of their powers it didn’t affect their lifespan; however their offspring suffer from a reduced lifespan. I have been unable to physically locate the actual survivors myself, and believe they have gone deep into hiding. But questions remain! I wish to know, as I am sure you do, if there is a way for these beings to undo the curse upon themselves, would it lengthen the offspring’s lifespan? Or would they be short-lived dragons?

Most of the events which have since involved the Drakien People involve single individuals. As a nation nothing of note has been accomplished thus far. The Drakiens have staked a claim to a slab of mostly uninhabitable land which contains the remains of what was to be their great city, but as this ruin has not proven to be of interest to any of the other Peoples, they have been content to leave the Drakiens their ruined past.

 —Magnus Eldritch


Posted October 4, 2011 by Evoru

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