Mystical, ancient trees that are enveloped in a shimmering, haunting mist cover the island nation of Aeponae. Separated from the rest of realm along the southern edge of the known world is Sidhe’s home where they have lived since their creation thousands of years ago. Preservation is an important part of the everyday lives of its citizens because it is the common belief that the ether that powers all the magic in the world is created within the hidden glades of the jungle. Whether this is true or not is of no relevance to the people who live there and they guard the tangled woodlands from those who would cut down the sacred plant life. It is easy to understand why their convictions about the source of magic have survived the test of the time because so many of the strange events on the island remain a mystery. Twinkling lights that flicker like fireflies dance through the fog that settles in the trees, but no one can explain what causes the phenomenon. Some believe it is the essence that mages draw on, while others feel they are pieces of wayward souls that forever trapped between life and death. Save for the capital where its people dwell, the island remains untouched and unexplored out of reverence for what might live there.

Major Cities:


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