‘Ri (rEE) – The Element of Air

Totem: Phoenix
Number: 3
Colors: Cerulean and Silver

Followers of ‘Ri come from all walks of life and tend to be the most diversified of the other Elemental cults. With backgrounds as varied as the breezes, winds and storms cascading across the face of Valindir; all have at one time or another felt the influence of ‘Ri driving their dreams to unknown heights. Many disciples of Air tend to be individuals who feel drawn towards artistic inclination, as it is said ‘Ri is the fount of inspiration within Valindir. Many traverse the lands, sharing their inspiration with others and seeking to fan their gifts across the world. Others see a more personal nature with their chosen guide, and spend a lifetime perfecting their visions. Others revel in the mysterious nature of Air and use what knowledge they can glean from ‘Ri in pursuing the shadows of the world.

Followers of ‘Ri tend to be more avant-garde than classical by nature in their artistic talents. Tending to allow their inspiration to pull them about without much regard to the future, focused more innately on the past and present. They are a sanguine crowd, if sometimes absent-minded, and tend not to take themselves or others very seriously. They generally focus on many projects at once, and often find themselves easily distracted. This has given rise to the notion that followers of ‘Ri are “Air-headed” and “irresponsible”, though this is not usually the case.

Temples to ‘Ri are always built in high up places, usually atop mountains or other areas where the wind can reach the spacious and airy domains that ‘Ri feels most comfortable in. All Priests, and even many of the followers, wear masks while attending their devotions. Hung about the rooms are wind chimes which are said to be the voice of ‘Ri speaking out its thoughts and inclinations to its devoted followers.


The embodiment of Air, known simply as ‘Ri, is the least seen of the Elementals within the realms of Valindir. Though not as well known as the other Godlings that move through the world of mortals, the presence of Air is a constant force. Whether through soft and gentle breezes or in the domination of a fierce gale, ‘Ri moves across Valindir in a heedless manner. Though air generally moves between such extremes, ‘Ri can also command air to become a dead calm, thus allowing itself to become a vacuum of nothingness. Few can say to have seen the entity of Air in mortal form; most speak of a vague, ethereal figure flowing in and out of itself in constant motion. Others have claimed that ‘Ri takes on the shape of an Elven youth filled with otherworldly beauty and grace. Despite these differences, true disciples of Air have long maintained that whatever shape suits ‘Ri best at any given time is the form that will be assumed.

Aurix – Ri seems to bear a somewhat contemptible, but otherwise unnoticeable, regard for Aurix’s place within the Immortal realm. Though Aurix is also a free spirit, ‘Ri tends to be a bit more selfish and unorganized in its pursuits. This makes ‘Ri not able to recognize the more lofty pursuits and exploits that Wood embroils himself within. Whistling through the treetops, ‘Ri seems to push through branches in an effort to remind Wood that it is a more powerful entity; manipulating forests in a similar fashion it does the waves of the ocean.

Belimedra – Ri tends to regard Belimedra as an insurmountable creature void of corruption. It is supposable that this causes ‘Ri quite a bit of frustration on occasion, though it does allow a unique process of creative creation to occur. Through ‘Ri, the winds fertilize and pollinate the flora and fauna of Valindir as no other is able. ‘Ri, albeit grudgingly, recognizes the part is plays in the cycle of living and allows Air to function in vague unity with Earth.

Brodgeir – Of all the Elements, Air completely despises and loathes Stone. ‘Ri avoids his presence and shows distaste for Brodgeir’s company whenever they are forced to meet. Though there is not a specific reason for ‘Ri’s attitude, it can be supposed that it can take an eon for Air to warp and erode Stone. ‘Ri’s petty nature does not easily allow it to acknowledge Brodgeir beneath its influence and takes the endless task of attempting to destroy Stone whenever it is able.

Lamulae – Though ‘Ri can be playful with Lamulae, more often than not Air will blatantly manipulate Water, especially over the oceans and seas of Valindir. These acts of terrorism has caused many who traverse these great expanses to fear ‘Ri in its many forms, and to be wary with followers of Air. Though ‘Ri can be favorable to such travelers, Air is not above reaching out with gales and hurricanes at random across Lamulae’s territory.

Evoru – ‘Ri seems strongly, and strangely, drawn to Evoru in a number of fashions. Though the union of Air and Metal has led to brilliant collaborations between the two, ‘Ri’s roguish temperament often causes heated conflicts as Air can also temper Metal in harmful and dissatisfactory manners. Their relationship is best described through the allegory of wind chimes. At times they remain silent and unmoving; while in other moments the Air, with all its flexibility, moves the unyielding pieces of metal about to its own whim regardless of anything else. More often than not, ‘Ri acts as a catalyst of impish trickery that causes Evoru furious vexation as it winds her up.

Udele – Uniquely attracted to Udele, ‘Ri also watches the mortal realm (more or less) quietly instead of through direct contact. Of all the elements, it is only towards Udele that ‘Ri shows any respect, and Spirit has been known to calm Air in some of its more raucous and destructive moods. When Udele is present and it can usually be assumed that Ri, although hidden, is near as well.

Jeax – Much too moody and involved with mortals for ‘Ri’s taste, Jeax and Air have little involvement. At times ‘Ri finds his tricks entertaining, and certainly enjoys terrorizing mortals when able with willing partners, but time has shown Magic to be much more involved than Air wishes to be.

Rhesk – ‘Ri is most closely allied with the Lord of Fire, being a natural companion filled with mutual camaraderie shared between the two. Without Air, Fire could not survive, nor would he be able to exert his strength and enrage his sparks to flames of grand proportions. Both being somewhat unpredictable, there is much evidence to show that ‘Ri is drawn to Fires personality.


Since the days of Al’Drenra, ‘Ri has been extremely active in an incognito manner and form that best suits Air’s wants, needs and desires. Whimsical in nature at best, ‘Ri seeks to influence the life of every mortal as Air passes, or slams, through their lives. Through dreams and thoughts, ‘Ri encourages passion and inspiration in the arts and creative pursuits. Being mostly neutral in nature, and generally seeming to lack much emotion, ‘Ri moves about at it pleases. This seems to make Air more unreliable and erratic than the other Elements due to constant change of direction and nature, making ‘Ri the most difficult Immortal to understand as far as motivations are concerned. Because of these traits, there are many who believe ‘Ri is much more childish and foolish than its counterparts as they fail to see it is merely part of ‘Ri’s inner temperament. Air is what it is, nothing more and nothing less. Flexible, and yet willing to beat itself endlessly against mountains and other bastions that would seem infallible to ‘Ri’s power, Air is forever moving. Even though faithful followers may not know where it moves towards, or what motivations it might have, Air is always ready to brush (or smash) up against any mortal who crosses its meandering path.


‘Ri is said to be the Element most influential over creative thought. Those seeking to pursue artistic endeavors are most likely to pursue the path of Air. It is said ‘Ri acts as a Muse, breathing in inspiration and energy to those who find themselves drawn to such paths. As a symbol of communication, Air allows others to express them in ways beyond mere speaking; giving all a chance to find a medium that can provide an imaginative outlet. However, it is dependent on the individual to bring their efforts to fruition. ‘Ri is a flighty creature merely lighting the spark within all who would allow themselves to be illuminated. Some travelers also honor ‘Ri with their patronage in hopes that it will aid them in their journeys about Illindir with a fair wind to their back instead of heavy gales to the front. These are few in nature, as most seek to worship Earth or Water. Because ‘Ri is an acknowledged trickster, the master of illusion and often hidden, a cult has sprung up about the worship of Air with these attributes in mind. Those of a wily nature or seeking to stay hidden within the shadows can often be found within the flocks of Air.

Path of the North Wind – Those seeking to imbue themselves with the path of the North tend to be more aggressive individuals who are allying themselves with ‘Ri in an effort to channel the more chaotic elements of Air. Often warriors, mercenaries or other individuals involved in the fields of warmongering, they feel that by through teachings of ‘Ri they can harness the gale storms of Valindir and use them to their advantage. Though this is the smallest path of Air, these are very devout members of ‘Ri and often serve as the Guardians of the Houses of Air.

Path of the South Wind – The most numerous of all the paths of Air, seekers of the South tend to be intrigued in the inspiration offered by ‘Ri in forming their artistic pursuits. ‘Ri seems to welcome all forms of Art, and many flock to a patron Element who seems less concerned in a pure and classical forms. Air tends to embrace those who seek to enrich their endeavors within Art, not matter the form.

Path of the East Wind – Politicians, ambassadors, orators, scholars and the like have often followed the Eastern Path of ‘Ri in a search to be granted greater esteem in the eyes of their colleagues as they master the art of conversation and communication. Though the East is a smaller path within the followers of ‘Ri, it is an honored and respected Path of the Divine Temple. Most Priests of Air come from this house.

Path of the West Wind – Wary travelers have long flocked to the fold of ‘Ri under the banner of the West. Mainly composed of Bards, Merchants, Pack-Guards, Captains and other individuals who find themselves moving about Valindir frequently, they seek the favorable side of ‘Ri in traversing Valindir with a fair wind at their back. It is said to seek the aid of ‘Ri bring great rewards and gentle travels.

The Void – Since the cult of Air first formed, it has been rumored those seeking the shadowy underworld of Valindir have gathered beneath the bastion of ‘Ri. Assassins, thieves, spies and others seeking to hide in partial darkness, conceal their methods and exploit the mysterious nature of the Air Element have long been whispered of bearing the name of The Void. Whether or not such a group does indeed exist, it cannot be said for certain. However, where there is smoke there is Air.


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