Aldfaen, God of War, Creator of the Humans

Often cited as the cause of Al’Drenra, Aldfaen can, perhaps, be forgiven. The youngest of the gods and one of Fire’s children, he sought always to prove himself to his elder siblings and to this end created the Humans, arguably the most adaptable of all the races. Eagerly he presented his new children to his sister, Yarowe, who treated him with disdain. The two began a heated argument, the consequence of which was Al’Drenra, which begun as a means of proving the superiority of their talents and ended in chaos and death. War may have been inevitable, as Aldfaen was always one to test the limits of others, as well as himself. He would often abandon his powers to engage in long treks with his children through mountains and overgrown forests. Perhaps the closest of any of the gods to their children, he is still remembered as the once great Father figure among the humans, who attribute the war to Yarowe.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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