In the far reaches of the world, high in the mountains that ring our lands, it is said that the amaroks make their home. A solitary animal, the amarok is often mistaken for a common wolf at first glance. If one is unlucky enough to get a closer view, however, their mistake becomes tragically apparent. An amarok is roughly the size of a pack horse and is possessed of slitted, red hued eyes that have earned it the Dwarven nickname “Demon of the Snows”. Though they may come together to mate and raise their young, the enormous amounts of meat required to sustain it, and thus defend large territories to satisfy a single appetite, almost demands that they live a solitary life. This does not seem to hinder the amarok, however, which uses its great size and cunning to take down prey that packs of smaller wolves often have difficulty with.


Posted March 5, 2012 by Evoru

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