Amber House

The gorgeous men and women that make up the ranks of this courtesan house are more than just a beautiful, living picture to gaze upon. The Amber House prides itself on the intellect of its courtesans, and not just on any common topic, but the ability to discuss politics down to the most intricate of details. Their clients are often dignitaries, leaders and all sorts who wish nothing more than to talk to a lovely lady or gentlemen on the latest taxes or petty squabbles, along with a few extra things the courts would never provide. It is said they are refined and elegant, and are often escorted to town meetings where the clients show off what intellectual catch they have found. Much of the literature on the courtesans has come from this house, and it is rumoured to be the first courtesan guild ever established in the realm.

The only Amber House is in the Elven territory in the city of Enaryn where it is currently lead by Head Master Rainalti Dequishun.


Posted October 26, 2011 by belimedra

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