Amethyst House

The Amethyst House is where the arts and their practice reign supreme. Any client looking to be inspired not only by the beauties that work there, but by their talents with music, dance, song, painting or any of the other fine arts found about the realm should look to this courtesan house. Their men and women are said to read and write poetry to rival any of the great artists of the day, and provide a charming companion to discuss such topics with. Rumors swirl that some even use their own bodies as a canvases, painting them in ways to please each client, and no artwork is ever the same. Several of the courtesans will participate in the local theater and play lead roles, allowing the clients to experience a sort of role play with them after the curtains have closed.

This house is currently located in Balinor, in the city of Danzibar, and is lead by Head Master Drevan Kotiban as well as in the Lomaisa, lead by Head Mistress Faelana Gowers.


Posted October 26, 2011 by belimedra

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