Amoti, Goddess of Desire

Amoti was always a rampuncous, passionate goddess from the moment that Water shaped her form. She was born alongside Earth’s son, Jaryda, and the two were always meant to work in harmony together, but that was not the case. Amoti found her potential mate far too rigid and sensible with things, so she quickly tarried off among her other brothers and sisters as well as mingled among mortals. Wasalon was rumored to be one of her many lovers, as the two were often seen together and she found great joy in the Danava. She decided her attention might be too drawn away if she crafted her own race, and instead was content to observe those the other immortals had made. This often got her into trouble as Yarowe and Faelcor did not enjoy her “meddling” and would cast her away as quickly as she appeared. This earned them the distain of the Goddess of Desire, who was more than pleased to see their races brawling with one another and she enjoyed watching the spectacle of Al’Drenra from a safe distance. It is said that she even instilled a desire for battle in a few mortals that eventually went on to lead hordes of soldiers across the world.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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