Balinor reigns as the territory of the Humans and is arguably one of the most profitable regions of the world. It houses the fabled city of Danzibar, the home of the Merchants Guild, and has become the largest trading hub in Valindir and the epicenter of the Human population. Surrounding its gleaming white walls are the rolling plains of the savanna, affording the city a vast view of the lands around them. Along their eastern coast, a lucrative fishing business thrives, and most sell their wares in the towering city since it a port city that serves as one of the anchors of the Crescent Road. Rich, fertile soil makes up much of the center of this expansive territory, which has proven to be some of the best lands for farming crops year-round. Expansive orchards, rolling fields of grain and even patches of vegetables can seen throughout this area, and provides one of the chief exports of the territory. Further west, the wild, untamed forest still reigns, and rarely does anyone journey into them, as many have lost their lives to dangers that lurk within its lush façade. In recent years, hunting parties have reported ancient ruins discovered throughout this region and more and more people are braving the danger to investigate these claims.

Major Cities:


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