Created during Al’Drenra, Behemoths were bred from magically enhanced elephants to be brutal, short-tempered weapons of warfare which attack with little provocation. Three times the size of their mundane brethren, they are immediately recognizable by their white hide, which is covered over in tiny red flecks that greatly resemble blood. This hide is the behemoth’s main form of defense, as it is as thick as cured leather and supported by a fatty frame that resists arrows and slicing weapons with relative ease. These creatures also bear an extra set of tusks, longer than their original elephantine set and quite jagged. Behemoths use these longer tusks to attack their foes, thrashing their heads from side to side so that their tusks effectively shred an opponent.

Like their ancestors, behemoths travel in herds predominately made up of females, and may, if trained from a young enough age, be used as mounts. For all their savagery they are still plant eaters, and particularly savy trainers may use special herbs mixed in with the behemoth’s diet to keep them calm and more malleable.


Posted March 5, 2012 by Evoru

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