Greetings from Belimedra! This is my staff page so you can get to know me as a person a bit more so I should probably introduce myself and tell you a little about me.

Here on Valindir I am one of the co-owners, the Head of Building and an original founder of this game. In real life I actually have a fairly close relationship with some of the other members of staff: Aurix is husband and Evoru has been my best friend since we met back in 2004. While Aurix and I have not yet spawned our offspring of terror, we have replaced that need by having four fluffy cats: Jasmine, Gwendolyn (Gwen), Pinochet (Pino) and Milikki (Mika). I also hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Theatre and English, which helps give me my qualifications for being the Head Builder.

I am a hardcore gamer with my collection spanning back all the way to my original Nintendo all the way up to my PS3 and 360. I currently own over 250 games across eleven systems and some of my favorite games/series are: Zelda, Fatal Frame, Metal Gear Solid, Assassins Creed, Secret of Mana, and a plethora of others that are too lengthy to name. I am also a total and complete nerd. I met my husband on a different mud, and we dated long distance for over a year before he moved to where I was living and we got a place together. At our nuptials, the wedding party walked down the aisle to the theme from Boondock Saints (our favorite movie) and at the reception I played music which included the Cantina Music from Star Wars, the theme “Snake Eater” from Metal Gear Solid 3, and the opening theme to Kingdom Hearts, “Simple and Clean.” It was my wedding, I did what I wanted.

In true nerdy fashion, I also love anime and frequently watch all different kinds. Some of my favorite series include: Cowboy Bebop, Ouran High School Host Club, Trigun, Black Butler, Gunslinger Girl, Clannad & Clannad After Story, Grave of the Fireflies, Blood +, Trinity Blood, Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away. I would highly recommend any of those series to anyone, because they are amazing. As far as non-anime goes, The Office, Jackass and House are some of my favorite TV shows. I have weird tastes, I know.

I also like to share things with others, so here’s my list of my absolute favorite webcomic series:




Posted September 19, 2011 by Evoru

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