Dense, lush woodlands that remain untamed and untouched by cities cover the northern part of the country known as Bhargreis while rolling grasslands and plains lie along its southern edge. Home to the Talmori, they have sought preserve the natural beauty of the land and have prohibited any sort of logging or permanent constructions to be placed on their lands, save for places of worship. The Talmori live primarily in tribes, and often times they circulate throughout trees depending on the time of the year. They travel where the food supplies lead them, but a lack of sustenance has never been an issue. Many types of berries, roots, herbs and vegetation sustain the lives of all who dwell there, including the variety of wildlife that flourishes throughout the landscape. In fact, several species that were once thought to be extinct have been discovered in Bhargreis and it has been hailed as a haven for animals in danger of being hunted out of existence.

In recent years the beaches along their western coast have started to attract peoples from all over the world. They have been hailed as having the cleanest waters anywhere in the world as well as the finest, whitest sand that anyone has ever seen. The Talmori are pleased to share this section of their home, so long as those who journey there leave them in peace and make offerings to the land when they depart; giving back more than they have taken from Valindir. The coral reef a ways off the coast is also a beauty of the natural world, but few have ever seen it due the large, vicious sharks that call it their home. It has cost quite a few their lives, and even the Danava avoid that area of the sea.


Posted October 25, 2011 by belimedra

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