Bidika, God of Revelry, Creator of the Alubra

When Air looked down upon the children the Elements had already created, he knew that something was intrinsically missing, and thusly the God of Revelry was born. From the moment of his birth, Bidika relished in spreading laughter and fun to everyone he could find. Most of his immortal kin saw him as annoying and shooed him away, sometimes even using force to do so. Bidika took this with grace, and decided he too would create his own children as the others were doing. He wanted his creations to take to the skies with him, and celebrate life and all it had to offer, and so the Alubra were born. They lived as a community, often indulging in whatever fun they could find, but made several enemies this way, as not everyone was interested in their mission. When Al’Drenra broke out, it was the excuse that Regvier needed, and targeted what he considered a pollution of the skies. Bidika struck back with a terrible wrath, using his own children to carry the explosive spells he cast to the Dragons. Many speculate that if Swienya had not hidden some of her brother’s children away, he would have killed them all in the name of protecting them.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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