Black Dragons

He Who Gods in Pride Did Form
He Who is Blacker Than Night
He Who Calls You to the Worm
He Who Devours the Light

Like black holes made flesh, black dragons are devourers of energy in all its forms. Starlight, sunlight, lightening, magic, all find their way into gaping maws and empty bellies. Those who would do battle with them quickly find their magic useless, as any spells cast towards black dragons sputter and die against their strange, ebon scales, and the beasts are known to draw the magic forth from enchanted weapons and armor to leave them lifeless metal.

Black dragons have scales ranging from a dusty coal color to a deep, bottomless black, and the scales tend to become glossier with age. They have four legs, each one with a hand as nimble and dexterous as any monkey’s, and each one tipped with a savage claw that can rend metal and cut bone. Their necks and tails are very long, and have a long membrane running up and down the center. This same thin, vein-laden membrane makes up the wings of the dragon, and greatly resembles those of bats.

The only black dragon which remained on this side of the mountains after the events of the Sigil Night is Amunrathos, Devourer of the Light. Around this colossal black dragon the very air loses its warmth to him, and those few who have returned from a meeting with him swear he is attempting to devour the stars themselves.


Posted October 26, 2012 by Evoru

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