Brodalin, God of Order, Creator of the Orcs

Stone crafted the form of his son with great care, as he was to bring order to the world and keep things running smoothly. His father had intended for him to help lead his kin when the Elements would one day depart and let their children lead their own lives. When Brodalin was still young, he assisted his father in setting veins of minerals through the barren mountains, and even helped Evoru string metal throughout the stone, citing that it made the rock as rich as the land. The Elements were pleased at the initiative that the God of Order took, but Fire was concerned that the world should not always been so neat and ordered. He thought a mate for Brodalin that was his complete opposite was wise, and so Mikala was made, and the two took to one another from the start. They understood the other on a deep level, and the two bonded over roaming about the world, striking the perfect balance between order and chaos. When their brothers and sisters began crafting the mortals, they were intrigued, but otherwise left them alone. It was only when Yarowe began heaving insults at others and bragging about her Elves that the pair set to work on the Orcs. They were the intended to wipe out the Elven race, destroying them to bring back order to the world and put Yarowe back in her place.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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