Hailed as the land of the Dwarves, Bröndólfr is known for its tremendous mountains and its winding tunnels throughout their sprawling cave system. Not wanting any land that was not nestled beneath the powerful ridges, the Dwarves conceded much of their original territory to the Elves at the time of the Assembly since they had no use for the “kindling” of the Imladres Forest. The nation is also part the border that is fiercely guarded by the Dragons which leads to the Eastern Lands, but no Dwarf is foolish enough to upset the balance of power they have struck. The Dragons have left the Dwarves to their mines in peace but have been a deterrent to outsiders and thieves who might wander through the perilous caves in search of treasures. Underground lakes, including the massive Thorsa Lake, are hidden amongst the passageways through the Khabren Mountains and these tumbling rivers are said to have been carved by Water herself when the world was young. While the country is collectively owned by all the Dwarves, since the death of the queens in 4227 the country has been split into five territories; each owned by a different clan. To outsiders, it is difficult to tell the difference between clansmen, but to the Dwarves, one can recognize a rival almost upon sight. The names of these sections of the countries are Brengolix, Ulfaedir, Frodulkin, Duradel and Grogaelik but all of them converge on the capital of Mikklagaard on the edges of the sacred lake. It is here that the once proud nation was run, and is still evidenced by the ornate buildings that still stand to this day. Otherwise, most live in small settlements and outposts that are riddled throughout the craggy pathways.

Major Cities:


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