Nestled in the depths of the Midrena Sea is the towering capital of the Eiltia Empire known as Caulween. One of the earliest cities constructed in recorded history, Caulween has stood the test of time and even the destruction caused by Al’Drenra almost completely unscathed. Ancient sections of the aquatic metropolis still stand to this day at the heart of town; meticulously maintained for the return of their “Mother” also known as the goddess Wasalon. It is said that she herself laid the bricks of these buildings and so the Danava see this area of their city as sacred and holy. Few people live there, save for the religious leaders of the Church of Wasalon, and it has become the epicenter for her following.

The rest of the city is a bustling place where the buildings are constructed taller than anywhere else in the world. Their unique location beneath the waves affords them the privilege of not only moving around along the ground floor, but upwards through the waters and into their towering homes. The elite often live in the top floors, overlooking the colorful city that is built into the coral reefs. A few inns boasting some of the most gorgeous views in the world have also opened their doors for outsiders to take in the sights of their beautiful city and perhaps choose to live there under the rule of their Queen.

Their palace there is possibly one of the largest anywhere in the world and is the tallest tower in the entire city so that it can be seen no matter where in the expansive town someone might be. The rarest gems and shells have been inlaid into the living coral that has been transported from all over their realm. It signifies that the Queen rules over all the waters of the Eiltia Empire and that the country is solidified together under her leadership and guidance. Anyone who tends to her needs dwells within this expansive building so that can be ready to serve her at any time of the day or night. It is considered a great privilege and honor to be selected to work within the palace, and is a symbolic gesture from the Queen that even those of lower castes still have great value in the empire.

Imports and exports are constantly are being transported in and out of the city, and for that reason the Merchants Guild was given permission to open a guildhall within Caulween. It was the first outside guild to be given permission to operate within the Eiltia Empire and has paved the way for other organizations to do the same. The Guild of the Arts has opened a museum there and has found the Danava to be great lovers of art, especially abstract sculptures. The Mages Guild opened its doors here as well and the Danava have been intrigued to learn about the different magic the other cultures practice as well as properly train their mages in the responsible use of such a powerful talent. Because of this love of magic, the Emerald Courtesan House constructed a towering chapter house there and has enjoyed a welcoming stay from the entire community.


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