Conquering Land

It is easy to conquer a man, but harder to conquer a nation. While Valindir is supportive of its would-be Alexander the Great’s, Players must understand that a good deal of work went into his conquering, and their own will be no exception.

Before you decide to go a-conquering, please contact Staff about your desire. It is in the game’s best interest for us to ensure that land is conquered by someone who has a genuine desire to rule it and promote RP there, not simply adorn their heads with a pretty bauble.

In order to have conquered a land, a Player must sit on that land’s seat of power and be able to hold that seat. Ambitious serving maids sneaking onto a king’s throne for a quick rest have not won the right to claim the throne any more than a man who slips in, slits the king’s throat, and promptly plops down on the man’s chair. This does not discount coups, mind you. A ruling Player may find that their trusted Steward has bought the loyalty of his bodyguards, slit the throats of his family and proclaimed himself the new Lord of Eastmarch, and if the deposed ruler cannot promptly remove the Steward from the seat of power it would seem to be true.

Conquering land is primarily a matter of RP, though hack n’ slash (a charming term for butchering your enemies with superior strength and skill) does have its part. Before any conquering takes place, make sure a member of Staff is on hand to oversee things and support RP. Have no fear that the conquering will be helped or hindered in any way: Staff members love a good show.

Besides claiming the seat of power, however, the conquering Player must also be able to win over the people of that land. While it would be wonderful if they could do that with Players who claim that land as home, this also means the NPCs of the land. No lord can hold their power if the peasants revolt, so winning over the people is an important step towards legitimizing the conquering. Players who have conquered a land only to ignore it will find themselves ousted by the very NPCs they neglected, to say nothing of Players who may resent an absentee ruler.


Posted October 27, 2012 by Evoru

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