Cymedros, God of Strength and Fortitude, Creator of the Minotaur

From the instant Cymedros took his first breath, this child of Wood was quite the handful, even for the Elements. The God of Strength and Fortitude often found himself offering up competitions of prowess in battle against any opponent he could find, and even managed to stand toe to toe with his father a few times before eventually succumbing to exhaustion. When the Elements departed and left their children to tend to themselves, Cymedros began offering up challenges to his immortal kin, most of which turned him down, but a few played his games and fought valiantly with one another. He struck up a rather odd friendship with Qualo, the Goddess of Harmony, as when he offered up one of his games to her, she offered one of her own. She challenged Cymedros to sit in silence with her and just listen to the world around him. At first Cymedros was sure of himself, but as the minutes ticked by, he found for the first time he was truly challenged by something. It was something that did not come naturally to him, and he was fascinated by it. When he looked upon the Talmori that she had born into the world, he was inspired, and created the Minotaur race. He made them a people that could live in harmony with the land, and yet were strong and powerful as he was. Cymedros originally opted out of Al’Drenra, seeing it as frivolous and without real merit, but when the Orcs invaded the home of the Talmori, he marched his people there and slaughtered as many as he could find.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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