By far one of the largest cities in the known world, Danzibar hails as the capitol of Balinor and one of the busiest trading cities in the realm. Serving as an anchor for the Crescent Road and one of the most prosperous port hubs, it only made sense that the Merchants Guild would house their main chapter within its towering walls, as it was originally founded by their members. While the Merchants Guild is certainly one of the largest guild halls in Danzibar, it is definitely not the only one. The Sapphire House and Amethyst House of the courtesans call this place home, and many chapters of the other various guilds have carved out a little niche for themselves, if only to attract people to their group and easily collect dues.

Another unique attribute is the inn that the city commissioned to ensure that travelers from other lands would always be comfortable. Each hall in the inn is themed after a major culture, so that visiting parties could always have a taste of home. They are open to anyone, however, and have often been a source of entertainment and small vacations for the citizens of the city. The Danzibar Theater Company also boasts a spacious theatre and the Guild of the Arts opened a large museum to provide class and sophistication to the people.

At the heart of the city is a towering fountain where the crossroads meet and many gather there to converse about the latest gossip. Overlooking this bustling hub are glistening stone buildings that act as the cornerstones of the culture, government and economy for the city. The expansive library houses books from all over the world, while the casino provides a welcome respite from the pressures of the world. Nestled here, across from the palace, is the enormous temple, with a large portion of it dedicated to the worship of the city’s patron Element, Evoru. Many citizens of the city often worship here, offering prayers for prosperity to Metal, or any of the other Elements, as Danzibar pays tribute to all the Elements with lavish celebrations throughout the year.

The government of this city is an elected body called the Sapphire Council and they rule over Danzibar to ensure its safety and stability. It is no surprise to hear that all the current leaders have been high ranking members of the Merchant’s guild at one time or another, as is often the case with many of their predecessors. The Danzibar Guard answers only to them, and serve as the protective force within the walls.


Posted October 25, 2011 by belimedra

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