Diatras, Goddess of Fear and Secrecy, Creator of the Mithyrn

Born shortly after her brother Shasienta, the Goddess of Fear and Secrecy was one of the weaker of Magic’s children and always clung close to her father. Diatras was always unsure of herself, especially with her elder brother constantly harassing her, as most siblings do. When her sister Imala was born, she took pity on her elder sister and kept Shasienta away, allowing Diatras to travel with her after the Elements departed. She watched in awe when her sister formed the Lithorians, and attempted a race of her own, but based it off the Sylvan, as she lacked some of the confidence to start from scratch. She found a place deep in worlds winding tunnels, and meticulously crafted the Mithyrn. When she returned to her sister, she found her in a trance, mumbling about war and famine that was to come. The goddess could not allow the race she had so carefully created to succumb to the squabbles of her kin, so she closed off the passages to their colony and guarded it against intruders during Al’Drenra. It is said she was so paranoid that she slaughtered anyone entering any of the caves that connected to the sealed tunnels, including unarmed innocents that only sought the caves for shelter from the weather.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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