Differences Between IC and OOC Information

IC information, or in-character information, are things that your character will have learned through playing the game and interacting with others. These may be things like who is having an affair with whom, where the treasure is buried, or the best way to kill a dragon. IC information can also be gathered by reading the files on the website, which are provided as “history” and general knowledge that your character would have learned growing up. How much or how little of it they learned is entirely up to you, but a good rule of thumb is that if it’s on the website, it’s common knowledge in-game.

OOC information, or out-of-character information, are things you may have learned while reading the forums or talking with your friends about things you’ve seen and done in-game. Maybe you play a soldier in one city and your friend plays an assassin in another, but the two of you have exchanged screen names and enjoy chatting on messenger clients, meeting up at bars, or talking on the phone. It is perfectly natural and okay to talk about things going on in the game with friends, but be sure that you’re not putting your friends in an uncomfortable situation by sharing things with them that might be of a sensitive nature. If your soldier friend were tempted to stop your assassin’s planned killing of a king, they would be guilty of abusing OOC information, but you would also have some measure of guilt for sharing the information with him.

Nobody likes to lose, and it can be tempting to use information you’ve obtained from outside of the game, such as through a chat messenger or from phone calls, to get a boost in game and stay on top of things. Or maybe you played a character that heard that someone was being invaded, and on your new character you feel tempted to run and tell the other country that you “heard” an army was coming. Not only are you cheating yourself out of some great RP by cutting out whole storylines where your character might have rightfully discovered these things and obtained proof, but you’re cheating other Players who may have put a lot of time into planning things.

Staff has a zero tolerance policy for Players abusing information, and you should, too. If you suspect that a Player has been using OOC information to their benefit or someone elses in the game, or you have a log of Players exchanging information with the intent to cheat, don’t hesitate to share it with Staff and let us know so we can take the appropriate steps to protect the RP of Players who are obeying the game’s rules.


Posted October 26, 2012 by Evoru

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