Flickering orbs of unknown origin swirl through the mist-filled air of the Sidhe capital of Domisha. The citizens of this winding city live in harmony with the world that surrounds them and have built their homes around trees that have been here for thousands of years. The buildings here are often constructed of smooth stones held together with mortar, as lumber from the jungles on the island is forbidden and importing it from other places in Valindir can be expensive. These rocks are pulled from the twin rivers known as the Idaja River and the Sujo River, and no matter how many are drawn from the crystal clean waters, more seem to appear almost magically to supply the winged fey the materials they need. Many credit this to the myth of how the city came to be, and that the spirits of those long past are watching over them.

Domisha was said to a Sidhe woman who achieved a feat that was never replicated until after the Elements returned to Valindir: she bore a set of twins into the world. No one knows how she conceived the two babes, as she had never been with a man, but it is a common belief that she was not completely chaste. She was known as a lover of Kitolyi and the legend goes that the goddess impregnated the young woman in an attempt to activate the mortals’ ability to breed on their own. While she proved that their bodies were capable of bearing life, she could not create it without direct intervention by the gods and so it was never attempted again. Domisha, however, was honored to carry the young lives, naming the girl Idaja and the boy Sujo. To pay homage to the first mortal mother, the Sidhe named the city after her and the two tumbling rivers after her energetic children. All three of them managed to survive to see the day that the Elements returned and are said to be ever vigilant in their protection of their ancestral home.

Whether the legends are true or not, none can deny that the city has thrived despite being one of the most secluded and peaceful places in the entire realm. The simple cobblestone streets can be confusing at times, as there is little organization to them and some stretch through thickets of plant life before coming to a building nestled in the groves. The Pixies have been the ones who often guide wayward visitors and see it as a game of sorts, spending their days as helpful tour guides to their home. Almost every house has a tended garden around it where all manner of fruits and vegetables are grown to feed its occupants. The Sidhe and Pixies do not often eat meats simply because no one would dare poach the animals that live in the Shamiso Jungle. They love to indulge in foods from all the different cultures and because of this culinary curiosity the Cooking Guild built a chapterhouse in their city to bring these edible treasures to them.

The Guild of the Faithful has opened its doors here and their largest chapterhouse in the entire world is located right near the center of the city. Oracles that can tap into the will of the Elements or see events that have yet to unfold have been prevalent in the Sidhe race, and they have always been accepting and trusting of the guild. The Emerald Courtesan House has been established here and is secluded on the edge of the city in a lush, luxurious glade. Drawing both of the innate talents of the winged fey that live there and the power the land itself holds is the Mages Guild. They were the first guild to break ground in the city and found that its people not only tolerated their presence, but embraced it. Almost every citizen is a member of this busy, bustling guild and they have had to expand the chapterhouse twice since its original construction.


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