Spiraling upwards into the heavens is the citadel town of the Kren known as Dremark. This towering city is located along the northern beaches of the Vysok and reaches several stories into sky. From the outside, the city looks unassuming as it crafted from simple materials like mud, sand, underbrush and stone all mortared together, much like the hive of hornets or bees. Within these walls however, the city is alive with activity and the daily hustle and bustle of its citizens. The streets spiral upwards along the curved walls and pathways crisscross to reach different levels and locations with ease. The only place where the outside world can be seen is the opening in the roof that allows the warm sunshine and sparkling stars to peek inside their metropolis.

The Kren are a private people and so their city is constructed to keep the prying eyes of the rest of Valindir out of their affairs. The main gates to Dremark are almost always shut, as many of the citizens use the entrances higher up along the walls to travel in and out of the city. It is easy enough to open the massive iron doors and so visitors are easily monitored when they are arriving and departing. Even the tunnels that lie on the higher levels are supervised by guards so even the other flying races can’t just stroll into their home unannounced. These entryways are often decorated with gently tinkling bells along their walls, so when even the slightest wind blows through from an open door, the city is alerted that someone is entering their midst.

Their homes are often intermingled with their shops without a real organization of districts or sections of their city. This has often confused travelers but the Kren see it as keeping close ties to the community and having people interact with everyone. Often humble in appearance, their houses are quite simple with just a few small sleeping nooks built into the walls but the living room is often spacious so that company always has room to visit. While they are not a material people who hoard possessions, they often take pride in the way their walls have been painted. Murals ranging from realistic landscapes to abstract shapes often reflect the tastes and personality of those who live there and are points of pride among the citizens.

While the Kren may not be overly religious, several temples have been erected throughout the area. Outsiders were not shocked to find those in honor of the Elements, but several have been appalled by one of the first and largest churches of the Path of the Enlightened. It is located on the ground level of the city, and hails itself as a cornerstone of a civilized community like Dremark. Several protests and even attacks on the building have taken place, mostly by tourists who are disgusted to find the practice of worshiping the talents of mortals acceptable. This has not halted the services at the simple yet spacious temple, and they boast one of bigger congregations in Valindir.

Because of the community’s ties to the Path of the Enlightened, several guild houses have been hesitant to establish themselves in the controversial metropolis. A small chapter of the cooking guild has opened there, if only to help create dishes using the rare and unique ingredients found on that side of the world. The courtesans have also opened a chapter of the Sapphire House and found that their ways are openly accepted among the Kren and have enjoyed a lucrative partnership with the people there. The Guild of the Arts is the largest guild residing in the city because of the Kren’s love of all types of artistic expression. It was a difficult adjustment for the guild at first, since most of the people there barter with goods and services instead of using gold currency. They have managed to adapt and have drummed up quite a bit of exceptional art that they ship all over the realm as Krenish artwork is highly prized for its unique look.


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