Piles of unused materials lie scattered along dirt roads at the site of what was to be the capital of Huldova. Planned by the Dragons as a place for all mortals to come and enjoy life under the leadership of the Dragons, Drothmara was abandoned shortly after Enlightened cursed the towering race and turned them into Drakiens. With the disarray caused by the mass exodus of the Dragons and petty bickering over the rightful leadership of the new, fledging race the construction of the city was halted. Now, all that remains of what the city might have been are blueprints of buildings, the layout of the city and a few artists’ renditions of what it was intended to be.

This is not to say the area is completely deserted however, as a few buildings were completed before the project was forsaken. A chapter of the Mercenaries Guild was near completion so an outside crew from all parts of Valindir was hired to finish the construction on the largest building that stands in the almost empty city. They are the ones who keep some semblance of order there, and have outlawed any brawling between clans while on their property. Different tribes are now able to come together under one guild without excessive bloodshed and have actually channeled their rage into sparring that hone their skills to some of the best in the world. The Ruby Courtesan House has also opened its doors here and has been enjoying a lucrative stay in the otherwise abandoned area. Boasting not only their fighting prowess as well as their skills behind closed doors, they also have one of the only functioning fountains in the town which draws in almost all travelers to their doorstep.

Other than the guildhalls, a few small shops selling basic things are nestled along in ramshackle buildings, but most of them are clustered together and their owners often live in a back room behind their counters. The only other place of residence is a tent colony located along a barren strip far from the rest of the civilization and has earned the reputation for being a den of criminals and beasts. There is often a dead body or two littered along the dusty streets there and they are left to rot or be picked at by the carrion birds that soar through the skies. The only reprieve for the wayward souls is the one room temple that has been erected in the center of the would-be metropolis. Whether this city will ever be built or if the raw materials that wait idly for willing hands will sit there for all eternity is a fate that only the Drakiens can control.


Posted October 25, 2011 by belimedra

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