Eiltia Empire

Eiltia Empire

Claiming all bodies of water as their own is the kingdom of the Danava known as the Eiltia Empire. While any of her citizens would claim ownership of any lands their waters might touch, legally the Isavran Assembly only recognizes the Midrena Sea at the heart of Valindir as belonging to the Danava. Their entire empire is comprised of the saltwater ocean whose complete depths still remain unexplored to this day. Thousands of different aquatic animals and fish make their home in this area and has supplied the country with one of its primary sources of export: seafood. Forests of seaweed and rolling plains of alabaster sands dot pieces of the submerged landscape, but the coral reefs that bustle with life are the largest tourist draw to the territory.

Plunging deep into the core of the world is the vast cave system that burrows under several of the other countries that surrounds this empire, but even the Danava don’t dare to explore too far into their pitch black void. Legends that the Leviathan still visits its ancestral home or other predatory beasts that might dwell within the murky caves have deterred people from straying too far from their openings. The Eiltia Empire simply claims it is not worth the trouble to look for new sources of income when their fishing business is incredibly lucrative, but others sense a twinge of fear about what truly lives within their territory.

Major Cities:


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