Emerald House

Specializing with their talents in magic and its interesting and unique uses behind closed doors, the courtesans of the Emerald House pride themselves on their abilities. They are often known to throw extravagant parties for their clients and are often hired because of their astonishing gift with the magical arts. Even mages have come to study with some of these beauties and some argue that many of the illusory spells were crafted by this group of stunning men and women. Regardless of if those rumors are true, that are some of the most adept mages in the lands, often showcasing their skills in public to attract more clients that might otherwise be hesitant.

The guild is currently located in three places across Valindir and is one of the most populous guilds in the world. Head Mistress Quilensa Merdansi leads the Emerald House in Calween while Head Mistress Tatali Linea leads the Domisha courtesan house. The youngest of the guild chapters is located in Talei and is headed by Head Master Kimisho Ribedan.


Posted October 26, 2011 by belimedra

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