Enarista, Goddess of Courage, Creator of the Gryphon

From the moment Enarista awoke to this world, she was headstrong, just as her father, Stone, had been. Born as the youngest of his children, Enarista never knew much of her father, and instead found company in her immortal kin. The Goddess of Courage took special note of Yarowe, and often followed the Goddess of Beauty wherever she went. The bravery of this young woman manifested itself when she became the lover of Yarowe, the first immortal to choose a mate not predestined by their parents. The two were close for years, and she was the only goddess permitted to look upon the Elves when Yarowe created them. Originally, Enarista had no interest in a people of her own, but when word reached her that the Orcs were being birthed solely to destroy the Elves, she quickly set to work on the Gryphons. She created a people that would complement the cultured lifestyle of the Elves, while being able to work in harmony as their protectors. The two were able to battle back the Orcs, killing nearly half their numbers in less than two months. After their short war, rumors of the two dabbling in the other gods and goddesses to spice up their relationship have been written, but no one can confirm is this was really true. Enarista stayed by Yarowe even through Al’Drenra and the two viciously defended their creations from the onslaught, killing anyone who trespassed on their land. It is said that Enarista was still clutching onto Yarowe when the two slipped into their eternal slumber.


Posted October 29, 2011 by belimedra

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