Presiding on the shores of the Alynia River is the capital city of Yarola’Sia known as Enaryn. While Yarola’Sia may have been taken from the name of Yarowe, Enaryn was named after the creator of the Gryphon; Enarista. When translated from the ancient tongue it means “jewel” and has served as the seat of power for the Elves and the home of the Gryphon since their birth. It is also the oldest city in Valindir and still has remnants from the times before Al’Drenra. To this day, the old section of the city is restricted to Elves and Gryphon only, while the new city is open to other races, although many still comment on the hesitance the Elves show about that hospitality.

Enaryn has not always resided on both sides of the river and at one time all the inhabitants dwelled only in older district known as Enaryn’sol, meaning “jewel of the sun.” It was during the War of Crowns when a rival for the crown chose to build a city directly across from the ancient town that Enaryn was expanded into what is now called Enaryn’sel, meaning “jewel of the moon.” When the battles were settled and the royal family securely seated in power they decided that they would keep the old city pure and make the newer city a place for trade with the rest of the world. Lumeya Bridge stretches across the rushing waters of the Alynia River that separates the two metropolises and is as ornate as the rest of their walled homes.

Constantly bustling with life and business is Enaryn’sel; the financial empire of the Elven society. Quant, petite shops line the clean streets while elaborate, intricate guildhalls invite members and visitors alike into their expansive chapterhouses. The Guild of the Arts has opened a museum and theatre house in order to introduce the culture of the Gryphon and Elves to the outside world and enlighten them to their ways. It has been an incredibly popular attraction with both the citizens and tourists and they are often showcasing new talents and works throughout the year. The Tailors Guild and Weavers Guild have opened buildings right across from one another, and the two often work together to create some of the most sought after fashions in Valindir. Also nestled at the end of this street is the Jewelers Guild who designs some of the most ornate accessories and charms from anywhere in the world. Enaryn’sel also boasts two unique courtesan houses that are not found anywhere else on the planet: The Diamond House and the Amber House.

Enaryn’sol is quite different from its twin city and where most of its residents actually live. A handful of private shops are dotted throughout the ancient but elegant landscape but it primarily consists of houses and homes for the Elves and Gryphon. It is also the seat of power for the entire country and the location of the grandiose palace of the Elves. It is boasted as one of the largest castles within the walls of a metropolis and can be seen even outside the walls of the closed city. One must be of Elvish or Gryphon linage to even enter the city, save for special exceptions and those who are on business with the royal family. Few have ever seen the inside of the towering walls that were not some of its citizens, but paintings of the artistic architecture adorn walls all over the realm. Some painters have petitioned for years to be allowed into the city for a mere day to capture some of the beauty that is rumored to be around every corner.


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